We are Peter Downie and Zoë Camper.  We are originally from the UK.  We lived in London for many years.  We first visited Las Vegas in 2002.  We love Las Vegas.  Now we live in Las Vegas, yeeeeha.  On moving here, we decided to carry on 'that holiday feeling', which we previously had when visiting.  So we invented 2econd Friday - 'an ongoing love letter to Las Vegas'.

Las Vegas Nevada is one of the most extraordinary cities in the world. It is designed for having fun, has an incredible array of different types of entertainment, internationally renowned chefs and restaurants, and is just a great place to relax and enjoy being alive. 

There is no 'dark money' here; no underlying influences at work.  We use our own money for every resort stay, every restaurant and activity. We are not paid for our opinions, we are not social media stars by any means, it's our love of the city that powers 2econd Friday.

There are five categories of dress code that are loosely followed, and we do mean loosely :^)

2econd Friday Dress Code Guide

2econd Friday dress code is primarily determined by the place the “chowing down” will be taking place.  If you happen to find yourself as a 2econd Friday Special Guest, please feel free to peruse this guide, to assist you in your clothing choices. 

Season 1

Season 1 contained 61 Episodes.  Two of these Episodes were virtual, making it 60 different Las Vegas resorts we've stayed at.

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