2econd Friday’s trip to Planet Hollywood had been a long-time coming.  A pandemic, and potential artistic obligations were the main reasons for delay.  However, the wait was certainly worth it.

Jim Briare was Very Special Guest. 

And what specialness could have brought Jim’s Very Special Guest status, you may wonder.  After all, this is only the second time in 2econd Friday history there’s been a Very Special Guest.  Special Guests are easier to come by, but to be Very Special Guest material surely requires something real special.  The first Very Special Guest was JK Russ, from Part 44, at Circa.  She is one of the featured artists at Barry’s Downtown Prime, the restaurant visited at Circa.

Snare drums at the ready, please.  Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Jim was the designer of the “No Ifs, Ands, or…” ad campaign for the Crazy Girls show.  This very morning, I was speaking to a Las Vegas resident about this, and they mentioned that the billboard posters were part of their growing up in Las Vegas.  That campaign got immortalized, when the most-photographed sculpture in Las Vegas was produced.  It stood outside the front door of Riviera from 1997, until 2015.  Zoe and Peter were there, that final day, May the 4th, 2015.  Zoe felt a bit emotional.

Zoe wiped her tears, and the statue, along with the show, moved to Planet Hollywood.

And then the show closed.

And the statue got put into storage.

Locked with a big key, I presume.

Before 2econd Friday made it there.

But that’s okay.

Jim had brought another big key.

Flippin’ ‘eck, it was an actual key to Las Vegas.  Jim’s dad, Bill Briare, had been awarded the key to the city, when he was Mayor of Las Vegas.  Shhhh, for the photograph, below, I’ve moved the indication of who the key was really awarded to, to behind the case.

Jim also brought some fantastic stories, particularly about Bob Stupak.

And an awful lot of fun was had, making this month’s video.

Thanks, Jim.


This month’s tune has been chosen for Zoe.  I only found out, within the last couple of months, that this song meant more to Zoe than I had previously realised.  Happy listening, Zoe.  Here’s a remix, remix, remix, remix…

Opening Date: November 16th, 2007

Tune: “You’re Not Alone (Rollo And Sister Bliss Remix)” by Olive

Dress Code: Fashion Forward