Peter came up with a classic 2econd Friday Connection, this month.  Excalibur followed Circus Circus because it was Bill Bennett’s next casino.

We went to Tournament of Kings.  In the 15 years of us coming to Las Vegas, we’d never been to Tournament of Kings.

Husband Downie thought it was great; huzzah.  Wife Camper thought it was less great.  As part of the show, we even got our dinner.  It was served as if we were in ye olden days, ie. there was no cutlery.  Hooray, what fun it was to rip off bits of chicken and chow them down.  Zoe did like the horses, so it wasn’t a complete loss.  It was certainly my favourite activity so far.

Tournament of Kings is downstairs at Excalibur, somewhere I don’t think we’d ever been.  There were arcade things, including some Penny Pushers.  Cripes, they were from companies in Kent.

Our room had a nice view out to The Strip.  There wasn’t an excess of brown, which is good.

In the morning, Peter went for a delightful run.

I don’t think there’s a resort in our list which opened in 1991.  Or is there; I’ll find out, later.  1991 is my musical epicentre.  The KLF’s “The White Room” album came out, and I could probably rest my case, there.  The Excalibur opened in 1990, so there’s still plenty of delights, in my opinion.  In fact, there’s one of my favourite tunes ever.  Yeeha, again from The KLF, “What Time Is Love?” was released in the September.  Oof, in the same month, “Groove Is In The Heart”, “The Space Jungle”, “Groovy Train”, “Fascinating Rhythm”, and “So Hard” all came out as well.  Long live the early 90s.

Opening Date: June 19th, 1990

Tune: “What Time Is Love?” by The KLF

Dress Code: Resort Casual