The connection between last month, and this, was a nice one.  Aria, Hard Rock, yip, a nice musical theme.  And this month’s activity was musical-themed; we were having a nosey at the music memorabilia that’s on display at Hard Rock, including a snazzy David Bowie suit, and Elton John’s L.A. Dodgers kit.

We dined at Mr Lucky’s for both dinner, and breakfast.  I wonder if David Bowie dined at Mr Lucky’s, in 2004.  It’s pretty exciting to follow in the footsteps of legends from the world of music, and “chow down” at such a place.

In the morning, Husband Downie had a lovely run up on The Strip.  On his return, he chatted with a gent who worked in valet.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable chat, but drat, the name of the gent has been forgotten.  The gent’s dad had worked at Hard Rock, as a dealer, when the casino opened back in 1995.  Husband Downie went back inside, and headed to the bar, for a glass of water.  A song came on, and there seemed to be some interesting spoken word.  Ooh, dear, there was a fair bit of swearing.  Aha, hold on, that’s not part of the song, that’s those two gents over there.  Yes, the bar had a fantastic setup where perhaps there were mics all around the bar, which then meant everyone else could listen in on the conversations of others.  Well, there you go.

A photo was taken of the casino floor plan.  This will surely be handy for an interesting comparison of the changes once Hard Rock re-opens as Virgin.

Opening Date: March, 1995

Tune: “Set You Free” by N-Trance

Dress Code: Resort Casual