Excitement is surely mounting.  March will bring the 50th different Las Vegas resort 2econd Fridays has stayed at, played at, and activitised at.  April will bring the start of Awards Season, for Season 1 of 2econd Friday.

One of the awards of said Awards Season will be Best Steakhouse.  And that was the reason we were at 4 Queens.  Hugo’s Cellar, at 4 Queens, would surely be on any list-maker’s list of Best Steakhouse in Las Vegas.  And where else might also be on that list?

The Steakhouse, at Circus Circus?  Oscars, at Plaza?  JK Russ will possibly tell you that Barry’s Downtown Prime, at Circa is on that list.  JK Russ was Very Special Guest, when 2econd Friday visited Circa, and Barry’s Downtown Prime is where we dined. 

JK Russ was back, on judging duty, this month.  This time, she was Special Guest, along with Mathew Couper.  This month’s video includes some very important pondering on that topic of steak-housing.  There was no discussion on rough-housing, which is a term I hadn’t heard of, until a couple of years ago.

Zoe got a top tip for Aston Villa to beat Brighton.  We popped over to the D, to place the bet.  Zoe went back on Saturday morning, to collect her winnings.    

4 Queens opened in 1966.  A Pink Floyd exhibition opened a few months ago, in Los Angeles.  Which surely means this month’s tune should be by Pink Floyd.  Okay.

Opening Date: June 2nd, 1966

Tune: “Interstellar Overdrive” by Pink Floyd

Dress Code: Fashion Forward