1993 was the year Treasure Island opened.

It opened 12 days after Luxor.  Bill Bennet had beat Steve Wynn in the race to open their latest resort first.

Two months later, Kirk Kerkorian open MGM Grand.

1993 was a big year, in Las Vegas.  Ooh, jeezo, that’s about 13,000 hotel rooms added in a couple of months.

1993 was a big year, for me.  Ooh, jeezo, I moved to a new room, when I started university.

The 1990’s brought what the world surely pictures as Las Vegas - the aforementioned Luxor, Treasure Island, MGM Grand, and then Paris, Venetian, Bellagio, and beyond. 

The 1990’s could perhaps be classed as the most important decade in Las Vegas’ history. 

The 1990’s brought me, thanks almost entirely to The Great Sinc, the music I love.  The 1990’s was when I was those ages when the human mind does an awful lot of its developing, and when experiences are intense, and impacting.

The 1990’s could perhaps be classed as the most important decade in my history.

There’s an important exception to that statement, as I didn’t meet Zoe until after the 1990’s had come to a close.  Fingers recently sent me a couple of photos from Shoreditch, in London.  Hooray, there was a photo of The Old Blue Last, the pub where I asked if it would be okay if Rupert and I came and annoyed Zoe, one Monday lunchtime in October 2001.

Onwards, to 2022, and this month’s 2econd Friday was quite a relaxed affair.  Special Guests, Ian, and Wendy, came round to the room.  We chatted.  We went to Phil’s Steak House.  We didn’t meet Phil Ruffin.  There was game-design talk, on Triple-Zero roulette.

There are two tunes for this month, because heck, it deserves it.

Opening Date: 27th of October, 1993

Tune 1: "Little Fluffy Clouds" by The Orb

Tune 2: "Acperience 1" by Harfloor

Dress Code: Resort Casual