There was a 2econd Friday first, this month.  For the first time ever, the activity took place “off-site”.  And what exceptional circumstance could’ve caused that?  Well, it was the Grand Opening of an exhibition at Core Contemporary.  And Zoe had a piece in said exhibition.  Check out the piece, in a photo, below, for an opportunity to see some of what’s inside Zoe’s head.

 Kim and Jeff came along for a nosey inside Zoe’s head, after Kim had won a prize to be Special Guest on 2econd Friday.  Lesley and Dale, Monica and Steve, Beth and Erik, Tony, and Ian and Wendy were all there, too.  Rianne wasn’t there, but she has mentioned “the very talented and visionary Zoe Camper”; wow, nice one, Rianne.

 As well as two Special Guests, there was also one Very Special Guest; Nephew Alex had flown over for the UK, to help his uncle make a 2econd Friday promotional video.  Oh, and there was a show called CES that he was attending.   

 After the exhibition, Kim and Jeff, Alex, and Peter and Zoe headed to the recently-opened Wynn Plaza for art (“Arrows and Flower Neon Sign” by Takashi Murakami and Virgil Abloh, and “Smiling King Bear” by Okuda San Miguel), and food (from Urth Caffe).  I was most impressed with Jeff taking an interest in Alex.  They were sat at opposite ends of the table, but after we’d finished eating, Jeff came down for a chat with Alex.  Nice one, Jeff.

 On the Saturday morning, Uncle Peter and Nephew Alex were up and out pretty early, so they could film a sunrise drive up and down The Strip.  And, they got some great footage for the 2econd Friday promotional video.  Caesars Palace, yaaaaay!

 For breakfast, we went to the buffet.  Is this the best buffet on The Strip?  The Cosmopolitan would certainly contend that their Wicked Spoon buffet is better.  Part 15 of 2econd Friday was at Aria, and that buffet was darned nice.  Well, I reckon the question of the best buffet on The Strip is a question for another time.  Oh, wow, perhaps something in the future will mean that question can never be answered.

 The buffet question may be for another time, but what about the customer service question.  2econd Friday was at Encore, in Part 17, so have now stayed at both Wynn Las Vegas properties.  They’re truly great, aren’t they.  Does Wynn provide the best customer service on The Strip?  Hmm, I’m going to have to ponder that a bit more, too.

 Shhh, I’m actually writing this blog during the pandemic, so the bit where I apparently predict a future with no buffets is not a Nostradamus-like situation.  Nostradamus suffered from gout.  Surely he didn’t get that from too much buffet-eating in Las Vegas.  I wonder if he predicted this pandemic.  Or that in an attempt at reducing the spread of virus and gout, Las Vegas buffets would be closed.  Please note, gout is not something you “catch” at buffets.

 I’ll stop typing.

 Opening Date: 28th of April, 2005

 Tune: “Galvanize” by Chemical Brothers

 Dress Code: Fashion Forward