A few months ago, 2econd Friday was not going to stay at Nobu.  It was only the decision on Season 2 being focused on Customer Service that made us consider Nobu.  So we stayed, to test whether it should be included in the contenders for Best Customer Service in Las Vegas.

I type this, after a fantastic conversation with Warly, a member of the team at Nobu.  Warly gave us his answer on Best Customer Service in Las Vegas.  Hmmm, with Warly’s huge experience, I’m not going to be surprised if the eventual winner of Season 2 matches his answer.

Let me confirm, however, that Nobu is undoubtedly going to be in Season 2.  Oof, yeah, Warly, Haisel, Ross, and the lady at Nobu restaurant, whose husband plays golf, but drat, I’m not sure if we got her name, have “sealed the deal.”  Custom Service is all about great interactions between people, and these people have certainly created those interactions.

A category where Season 2 resorts will be judged will be email interactions.  I remember Waldorf Astoria being fantastic in this area.  I’m pretty sure they were responding to emails within about an hour.  And a lot of my emails can be pretty pointless, but those answers kept on coming back.

Back to Nobu, and checking in.  Haisel offered us a room upgrade (for a price, like).  We took it.  And then we also took the other upgrade (which meant we got to meet Warly, so that’s worth it for that alone, I reckon).

Ross knocked on our door, ready to serve us drinks, from his booze trolley.  Ha, this is the only time we’ve had a booze trolley arrive at our door.  Ace.

We had a delightful Special Guest joining us.  It was none other than Don Marks.  Don is a wonderful person, and, if he avoids going all Lucy-goosy, he’s going to be winning the World Series of Poker.  We went to Nobu restaurant.  We didn’t think we’d be going there.  I’d tried to get a table, before booking the room.  There were none available.  I booked the room, and the booking confirmation came with the suggestion of booking at table at Nobu.  I phoned, they checked, and there were none available.  In the week of our stay, I got an email from Guest Services, which, yip, suggested going to Nobu restaurant.  Cripes, are they really going to let themselves fail three times.  I emailed them back, and said we’d love to dine at the restaurant, but didn’t think they could magic a table up for me. 

They did magic a table up for me, and it ended up being one of the best tables in the restaurant.  Ooh, la, la.

The food at Nobu was ooh, la, la.

Nobu hotel is ooh, la, la.

Roll on Season 2.

This episode's tune has been chosen in the excitement of the upcoming 30th anniversary experience, at Death Valley.  Hooray, it's the opener from the album, and I think it's just stunning.  

Opening Date: February 4th, 2013

Tune: "O.O.B.E." by The Orb

Dress Code: Business Casual