Last month’s Connection was a ripper.  This month’s can’t claim the giddy heights of that, but it was still pretty darned good.  Caesars Palace followed Harrah’s because of big business.  Yes, one of the biggest businesses in Las Vegas.  In 2005, Harrah’s Entertainment, bought Caesars.  They then changed their name to Caesars Entertainment.  This month’s 2econd Friday was at their flagship property.

The morning after the night before, Husband Downie decided to have a wee lie down, on the grass verge, at the north-west corner of the Las Vegas Boulevard/Caesars Palace Drive intersection.  He mulled, and then looked over to the other side of The Strip, and noted the neighbours of Harrah’s, The Linq, Flamingo, The Cromwell, Bally’s, Paris, and Planet Hollywood.  Then across the road, Caesars Palace.  The kids of Caesars Entertainment overlooked by “the daddy”.

Wife Camper, and Husband Downie thoroughly enjoyed their time at “the daddy”.  They thought it interesting that, having been coming to Las Vegas since 2002, this was to be the first time they’d stayed at Caesars.  Wow, when they were there, then, the Octavius Tower, nor the Augustus Tower were even built.  And it was the Augustus Tower that 2econd Friday stayed in.  And what a very nice room it was.

Have you been to the Vista Cocktail Lounge?  It’s got these great “windows”, which look out to cityscapes, with day going to night, and back again, using speeded-up video footage.  There’s New York, and more (oops, we weren’t good enough to recognize the other ones we saw).

Tony Russell came and met us.  Tony is Executive of Lifestyle VIP Services, at Caesars Entertainment.  Ooh, fancy.  Tony was really nice.  He explained his role means he’s a Non-Gaming Host.  I like it.  Nice idea, Caesars Entertainment.  Hopefully our paths will cross again, on 2econd Friday, or beyond.

Have you been to Absinthe?  It got a big thumbs up, from 2econd Friday.  I won’t say where one of the characters would suggest putting that big thumb up, but it was hilarious (in our opinion), and with some fantastic performers, too.  Oof, those two guys doing the slow-motion stuff were amazingly strong.  They could certainly Plank for five minutes with no issues at all.       

The morning after the night before, Husband Downie went for a great run on The Strip.  Out from Caesars Palace, south down to Mandalay Bay, north up to a bit beyond The Strat (yip, renamed from Stratosphere, with renovated rooms, so surely worth a stay, soon), back south as far as Excalibur, then back up to Caesars Palace.  Oof, a touch over 13 miles (aka, Half Marathon).  Before breakfast.  A wee lie down was in order.  He mulled what this month’s song would be.

Former 2econd Friday Special Guest, Butch, would surely be pleased with the choice.

Opening Date: August 5th, 1966

Tune: “Mother’s Little Helper” by the Rolling Stones

Dress Code: Resort Casual