Zoe will be pleased that I’ve stopped choosing a tune for the month based on the year of the resort’s opening.  Oof, 1956, I imagine may have included some of that stuff that brings Zoe out in Ang Pangs.  Oh, so since we’re talking about the tune, let’s go and pick one out, at the start of the blog, instead of the normal place of the end.


Hooray, here’s a happy one – “Dream Beam” by Hypnotone, the Danny Rampling remix. 

And talking of happy, it feels like quite a contrast from the previous blog (from Tropicana).  Deary me, what was up with that dude.  Change, he suggested, surely has to be discovered, to remedy the situation.  There was so much excitement around that, Dulcie was emailed, ahead of Thursday’s meet-up.  Cripes, let’s hope it all goes through.

Anyway, enough of the secret diary of non-2econd Friday situations; let’s get back to 2econd Friday.

The room may have been on the small side, but Zoe was thoroughly impressed with its interior design.  I was impressed with the soft-close sliding door on the bathroom.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a soft-close sliding door.

Our activity was a simple one: to recreate a photo Zoe had taken, several years ago.  That was pretty simple. 

We went to Tony Roma’s (for ribs).    

Opening Date: May 18th, 1956

Tune: “Dream Beam (Danny Rampling Remix)” by Hypnotone

Dress Code: Resort Casual