New York – New York opened on the 3rd of January, 1997; surely there will be a nice tune to be linked to, at the end of this piece.  It was Number Eight, in the Definitive Dozen.  It is the epitome of the Sim City architecture period on Las Vegas Strip.  Thank-you, Stefan Al, for introducing me to this, and the other, architecture periods of The Strip, in your fantastic book, The Strip.

There were two Special Guests, this month.  Tony TaFKaCP (The Artist Formerly Known As Cream Pie (because he used to make cream pies as part of a job he had)) was invited because he has a nice interest in VR.  The activity was a ride on the roller coaster, with the added excitement of the additional VR, whoop.  Josephine was invited because of her connection to New York.

Proceedings began in the room, with a glass a champagne, a toast to 2econd Friday, and an exciting task for Josephine and Tony.  Nomad (at the top of Park MGM) was to be added to the 2econd Friday list of Destinations.  This meant somewhere had to be removed.  As Special Guests, Josephine and Tony were the ones to do this.  They chose to remove Casino Royale.  Wife Camper was happy.

 The VR certainly added something extra to the roller coaster ride.  Afterwards, I pondered something even more more.  How about something like the boat ride on Willy Wonka.  Or cripes, how about something that takes you on a journey like A Field In England

 After the roller coaster, we went to get some food at Chin Chins.  It was very nice indeed.  After that, we went for a chocolate-based beverage, at the Chocolate Bar.  Oof, yeah, that was really nice.

 Ooh, 1997 was the year Daft Punk released their “Homework” album.  In May of 2020, during the pandemic, Paul Pashley chose "Homework" as one of seven albums in his League of Love.  When I saw that, I listened to the album, from start to finish (ooh, yeah, old skool, eh), and read a bit, learning about them giving Stuart McMillan a demo tape of theirs, at a rave at Euro Disney.  Oops, sorry, I really should've known this fact.  I wonder if Andrew Grimes knew that.  I was going to choose "Around The World" from this album, as a track from 1997, but then, reaching almost the end of the album, I heard "Alive" and thought, that reminds me of "Positive Education" by Slam.  Stuart McMillan is in Slam.  Slam used to play at The Arches nightclub in Glasgow.  Did Andrew Grimes get a part-time job at T in the Park, as a post-set floor-sweeper for Slam?  Drat, Andrew, you may have to correct me on this.  Anyway, Daft Punk swooning over Slam at a rave at Euro Disney; had they also been swooning over "Positive Eduation", when coming up with "Alive".  Who know, but I'll include links to them both, and you can feel free to disagree (pretty easily, probably).  Did Rupert Munro have Slam round at his flat, in Queen's Park, Glasgow.  I'm darned sure the answer to that is no.  

 Opening Date: 3rd of January, 1997

 Tune: "Alive" by Daft Punk

 Tune: "Positive Education" by Slam

 Dress Code: Resort Casual