Season 1 of 2econd Friday is drawing to a close, and it feels, in some ways, it’s turned into a bit of a numbers game.  We are very, very much looking forward to Season 2, a 6-part extravaganza of Customer Service.  In Season 1, this is Episode 53, and we’re going to end with Episode 60, which will mean we’ve stayed at every notable Strip, and Downtown resort.  It does also mean, some of these last few are not that exciting (shhh, to us, anyway).  Sadly, Tropicana is one we’d include in that group.

Tropicana may well not be called Tropicana, for much longer.  It’s recently been bought by Bally’s, and with Caesars going to be renaming Bally’s on The Strip to The Horseshoe, Bally’s will be free to rename Tropicana to Bally’s.  Perhaps they’ll flatten it, and start again.

We went to Trago Lounge, for a cocktail.  It boasts that it’s “extensive bar menu includes wine, classic cocktails with a twist…”  I asked for a Negroni Twist, which is apparently their signature cocktail.  The bar-tender explained they didn’t have the ingredients to make that.  Perhaps they’ll flatten it, and start again.

Deary me, this is somewhat-short, and somewhat-negative blog, this month, isn’t it.  Change surely has to be discovered, to remedy that. 

The tune is "O.O.B.E" by The Orb.  2022 is the 30th anniversary of the album that that track came from.  Perhaps there will be a special Anniversary Listening, in July.  

Opening Date: 4th of April, 1957

Tune: "O.O.B.E." by The Orb

Dress Code: Resort Casual