There were Special Guests aplenty, at this unique 2econd Friday.  Exactly how unique, remains to be seen, based on whether The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas opens its doors in time for the second Friday of May.  Big news: 2econd Friday has changed format.  Read on. 

Before, Husband Downie and Wife Camper took it turnabout to decide where we stayed next, and the World was invited to try and guess where that was, and would win points, based on some obscure system devised by Husband Downie.  Only a small percentage of the world chose to guess, and perhaps an even smaller percentage understood what was going on.  Richard Hooker (Special Guest in January 2020) certainly didn’t understand.  And it was from our discussion with him, that we decided to change the format.

Now, the World is simply invited to vote for where we stay next.  On Friday there was a vote to decide, “2econd Friday, where next?”  And next is, as already mentioned, The Cosmopolitan.  There’s surely still got to be a league, though.  Aha, perhaps the people voting for the winning destination will get some points. 

On Friday, there was lots of other good stuff.  Ian gave an acceptance speech for being Year 1 Champion.  Clare gave an acceptance speech for being Year 2 Champion (via a pre-recorded live satellite link-up from the UK, after her and Chris’s 15th Wedding Anniversary trip to America had to be postponed due to a pandemic).  Kim gave an acceptance speech for being Year 3 Champion.

We were all champions, with our performance of Hannah’s fabulous original radio play entitled, “A Story of 2econd Friday”.  Suzy did a fantastic job of playing Radio Announcer, in said radio play.  Did you know she co-hosts “Please Excuse My Dead Aunt Sally”?

 There were some minor technical issues (with video-lag) when watching promo videos.  But fear not, here's the video you surely want to watch:

The monthly blog usually finishes with a tune from the year which the 2econd Friday destination opened.  That obviously isn’t possible, this month.  Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to choose from any year I fancy.  Ooh, now then, I wonder where we’ll be headed.  …  We ended up at Orbital’s door, in 1993, from what is surely their best album, The Brown Album 

Opening Date: Various

Tune: “Halcyon + On + On” by Orbital

Dress Code: Resort Casual