2econd Friday is still rather fearful of the virus.  “Yeah, that’s surely why it continues to put itself in situations which could put its members at risk”, says an imaginary person passing comment.  Yes, it’s a fair point.  There were to be three Special Guests, this month, but to reduce risk to all concerned, it was a case of when three become one, as the Spice Girls may have said, in some sort of situation with Ginger, Baby, and David Beckham.

In our actual situation where three became one, David attended, and Ginger, and Baby did not.  Our David for the evening was Matt.  We met Matt outside The Charcoal Room.  We had a lovely time; it was really great to see Matt.  The chat was easy, and enjoyable.  We parted ways, outside The Charcoal Room.

The activity for this month was somewhat à la mode, I guess.  With some suggestion from Wife Camper, the activity became: create a costume to play the part of a Doctor Who monster.

Palace Station opened in 1976.  Surely the track can be decidedly better than the activity.  Well, The Wurzels had two top-ten hits, that year.  But woah, what have we here, then; David Bowie released “Golden Years” at the end of 1975, but it was still in the top ten in January of 1976.  I noted it peaked at no. 2 in the week of the Christmas No. 1.  What on earth could’ve stopped “Golden Years” from being Christmas No. 1, I hear you ponder with me.  Well, coincidently, it’s the same song that stopped The KLF from being Christmas No. 1, in 1991.

Opening Date: July 1st, 1976

Tune: "Golden Years" by David Bowie

Dress Code: Resort Casual