Zoe said, “Eh, how old is this song?”

I said, “1991.  But who’s it by?”

Nope, she couldn’t quite think.  I did some miming, to try and suggest: Here.  Yip, this month’s song is, “(I Wanna Give You) Devotion” by?  Which New Year’s Eve were Stephen and I in that place in Aberdeen? 

Was it Tik Toks?  We saw Martin Hepburn, the Trance creator.  This month’s song was played.  It was ace.  And it was by?  Hooray, yes, Nomad.  Perfect.

Choosing the perfect tune has not been the only big happening, since last time.

Ooh, no, it’s been a busy time at the 2econd Friday offices.  After the wonderful stay at Sky Lofts at MGM Grand, there was pondering about the final number of parts for Season 1.  Zoe didn’t like the sound of 53.  She asked, where have we on the schedule to go to.  Peter mentioned the biggie, in March, with Very Special Guests (on live video link-up), Jamie McKay, and Neil Findlay.  Peter also mentioned Treasure Island.  Zoe mentioned the desire to go to Westgate.  Peter pondered.  Hmmm, we’re so close to staying at each and every sizable Strip, and Downtown resort.  We both pondered.  If we did want the (current) complete set, here’s where we’d have left:

Treasure Island (TI), Westgate, Main Street Station, The D, Downtown Grand, The Freemont, The Linq.

We accept that this would mean we haven’t stayed at Rolo Towers (aka Polo Towers), but you could certainly argue, if 2econd Friday was about “resorts”, then Rolo Towers surely wouldn’t need to be included.

Anyway, what this important discussion point means is, Season 1 is going to be extended, to 58 Episodes.  We’re probably going to squish more than one in per month, so we can get to the very-exciting Season 1 Awards Experience, which will be a six-part situation (Best Show Experience, Best Restaurant Experience, Best Steak-House Experience, Best Drinks Experience, Best Room with a View Experience, and Overall Season 1 Experience Winner).  Deary me, it all seems to be about the “experience”.  Yeah, yeah, I know about this stuff.

Season 2 is confirmed to be all about Customer Service.  Experience?  As mentioned, last time, it had previously been presumed that Best Customer Service was a foregone conclusion that Four Seasons at Mandalay Bay would be winning it.  That was until we stayed at Sky Lofts at MGM Grand (see Episode 50).

Season 2 is surely going to be pretty swanky.

There was one other, nice bit of 2econd Friday business to mention.  There was an open forum (if we can call it that (or we might call it a simply a nice conversation)), this afternoon, with Simon.  You probably don’t know Simon.  He’s up in Montreal.  Let me tell you, though, Simon is a delightful person.  He’s extremely giving, in conversation.  That description doesn’t quite read like what it really means to say, but that’s okay; people who know, will know, I reckon.  And further, Simon makes one feel wonderfully relaxed in said conversation.  And relaxed enough to open up.  Well, that’s been my experience, and I’m sure others feel the same.  Thank you, Simon.  Ha, if someone reads this, they probably haven’t pronounced your name correctly, but that’s okay, we can get them corrected, when you appear on the 2econd Friday video, as Special Guest.

Zoe is currently testing some Terry’s Chocolate Orange.  Our activity for this 2econd Friday is: Try to avoid Omicron, and maintain Platinum status on MLife.  Peter was sent down to Best Friend, to get some food.  Oof, have you been to Best Friend?  What a fantastic, fun, place to eat.  In fact, Park MGM (ie. the resort that Nomad sits atop) has loads of great places.  Zoe had perused a shop to do with Lady Ga Ga.  There’s a flippin’ triptych, by David Hockney.  The same guy that did the swimming pool at Hotel Roosevelt, in Los Angeles.  And then, there’s loads more art, too.  Ooh, and please don’t forget that bit, on the guided walk, “The Definitive Dozen”, where Zoe leads you through the almost-juxtaposition between Park MGM, and Nomad.

Peter managed to get MLife points retrospectively-credited, from Joel Robuchon.  And, it appears, the status will remain.  But, cripes, have you read the news about MLife?  Each dollar spent on non-gaming is going to be reduced from 25 points, down to 5 points.  Hmmmmm, that’s a pretty massive reduction.  I guess it’s an opportunity, to not be thinking about MLife points, because they’ll just be somewhat “pointless”.  Peter, with his insecure mind, liked the Platinum card in his pooch.  “Ooh, I’m Platinum; I am surely now special”.  Admittedly, Peter didn’t even have a Host.  He investigated this, at Sky Lofts, and found out that Hosts are offered entirely based on Gaming Play.  Hmm, that’s interesting, in this world going forward.  It was a sheer delight for Tony Russell, from Caesars, to contact us, in his capacity as a Non-Gaming Host, back in 2018.  Jeez, this paragraph is somewhat length; let’s move on.

Wow, have you stayed at Nomad?  There are some real fancy glasses in the room.  Some other places might have a plastic tumbler wrapped up in plastic.  Oof, at Nomad, there is three different glasses types, which are, yip, actual glass.  One glass type is a lovely “coupe”.  Is that the name of it.  A scoopy champagne situation.

Quick Hit Blitz was played.  Fu Dao Le was played.  Jeez, someone should’ve walked away, with some profit.  Someone didn’t.

And sorry, just two links, to finish, if I may.  In this episode's video, there is mention of Zoe being featured in an article in new Las Vegas Review Journal.  Here's a link to that:  https://www.reviewjournal.com/entertainment/las-vegas-musicians-and-artists-poised-to-break-out-in-2022-2512983/.

And then, there's mention of the playing cards from Nomad, and Chaka.  Chaka is a playing-cards expert.  Here's a link to his website: https://www.chakalaker-ojok.com/.

Opening Date: 12th of October, 2018

Tune: "(I Wanna Give You) Devotion" by Nomad featuring MC Mikee Freedom

Dress Code: Resort Casual