It was another double-whammy, with Downtown Grand on the Thursday, and then Main Street Station on the Friday.

Zoe was feeling super-immune, having got through a bout of Covis, a few weeks prior.

Peter was feeling super-fearful, with Covis figures on the rise.

For this reason, our meal was taken in the room.  Twas pizza, from Pizza Rock.

Earlier on the Friday morning, Peter met up with Rick.  The opportunity for move seemed to be reducing.

Peter went for a run.  Achilles of the mind were grumbling.

It wasn’t all bad, though.  Our activity was unexpected, and fantastic.  Later on the Friday morning, we attended a Craps lesson.  Drat, I can’t remember the tutor’s name, but she was a great tutor.

For the Downtown Grand, we have “Your Town” by Deacon Blue.  And, woah, it’s defo got to be the Perfecto Mix.  Cripes, that Oakenfold, and Osborne ruled the world for a while, didn’t they.  U2, Massive Attack, D:Ream, Simply Red, and beyond; they all wanted a piece of the Perfecto magic dust sprinkled over their records.

Opening Date: 1964

Tune: “Your Town (Perfecto Mix)” by Deacon Blue

Dress Code: Resort Casual