Imagine staying at The Jockey Club.  It’s certainly not somewhere Wife Camper and I had considered staying, before embarking on 2econd Friday.  The location is top-notch, and surely half the rooms have a fantastic view out to the Bellagio fountains.  Our room was on the other side of the building, and had a view, full of comedy value, out to a grey wall of Cosmopolitan.  Ha, how we laughed.

I’ve just selected the tune for the year of opening.  What a joy to be able to select a David Bowie track.  I wonder if The Jockey Club is the only destination of 2econd Friday which would allow such a choice (ie. it opened in a year in which David Bowie released something, ooh, pardon).

Back to The Jockey Club, and Wife Camper and I visited the mini market, which really was very well stocked.  With kitchens in the rooms, The Jockey Club can obviously be compared to The Platinum Suites, so comparing shops, The Jockey Club comes out on top, by far.  We do like The Platinum a lot, though, so let’s be clear about.  To sit on the balcony, and play the game of seeing if you can see hotel signs come on is indeed a fun thing.

On the wall outside the mini market was a great picture of The Strip.  And what year was it from?  Well, the answer to that could decide the outcome of Year 2 of the 2econd Friday league.  Now then, that’s truly exciting, isn’t it.

Another unique thing about The Jockey Club is the lending library.  This is surely the only 2econd Friday destination to possess such an amenity.  And, perhaps the only place on The Strip to have one.  The Desert Rose had one (well, it did, when we last stayed there, in 2012), but that’s not on The Strip.

From the lending library, we got a DVD of “Molly’s Game”, and some free pop-corn.  We also donated the fantastic Stefan Al book, “The Strip”.  This is surely now their most-prized book.  If you’re interested in Las Vegas architecture, have yourself a read off this book.

“Molly’s Game” seemed like a really good film, but sadly, about half way through, the DVD started playing a few seconds, then pausing for about a second, and so on.  Boohiss.

Opening Date: 1st of April, 1974

Tune: “Rebel Rebel” by David Bowie 

Dress Code: Resort Casual