An additional highlight of this month’s 2econd Friday occurred right at the very end.  We were at the Caesars Rewards desk, to get a reprint of my player’s card, so we could get our parking for free.  And the highlight? 

Did you ever see a film called The Queen of Versailles?  One morning in 2012, Tommy Cheddar came round, and suggested we go to the cinema.  We saw that film.  Elara, or PH Towers Westgate, as it was known at the time, was featured in the film. 

Zoe said, “Eh, how old is this song?”

I said, “1991.  But who’s it by?”

Nope, she couldn’t quite think.  I did some miming, to try and suggest: Here.  Yip, this month’s song is, “(I Wanna Give You) Devotion” by?  Which New Year’s Eve were Stephen and I in that place in Aberdeen? 


1993 was the year Treasure Island opened.

It opened 12 days after Luxor.  Bill Bennet had beat Steve Wynn in the race to open their latest resort first.

Two months later, Kirk Kerkorian open MGM Grand.

Season 1 of 2econd Friday is drawing to a close, and it feels, in some ways, it’s turned into a bit of a numbers game.  We are very, very much looking forward to Season 2, a 6-part extravaganza of Customer Service.  In Season 1, this is Episode 53, and we’re going to end with Episode 60, which will mean we’ve stayed at every notable Strip, and Downtown resort.  It does also mean, some of these last few are not that exciting (shhh, to us, anyway).  Sadly, Tropicana is one we’d include in that group.

Zoe will be pleased that I’ve stopped choosing a tune for the month based on the year of the resort’s opening.  Oof, 1956, I imagine may have included some of that stuff that brings Zoe out in Ang Pangs.  Oh, so since we’re talking about the tune, let’s go and pick one out, at the start of the blog, instead of the normal place of the end.

Following hot on the heels of Episode 54 of Season 1, here’s Episode 55 of Season 1.  It was a double-whammy weekend, on 2econd Friday.  We decided to do two parts downtown; Fremont, and here’s The D.

A few months ago, 2econd Friday was not going to stay at Nobu.  It was only the decision on Season 2 being focused on Customer Service that made us consider Nobu.  So we stayed, to test whether it should be included in the contenders for Best Customer Service in Las Vegas.

It was another double-whammy, with Downtown Grand on the Thursday, and then Main Street Station on the Friday.

It was another double-whammy, with Downtown Grand on the Thursday, and then Main Street Station on the Friday.

The penultimate episode of Season 1 had some rather dark clouds.  The weather closed in, that afternoon.  In fact, the weather had closed in, that morning.  It was shocking, but perhaps it would bring opportunity.

Here it was.

The final episode of Season 1, of 2econd Friday.