On the walk from the car, there was discussion as to what exactly a Suncoast is.  It was concluded it was another word for riviera.  Looking at a dictionary definition, this means, “a coastal region with a subtropical climate and vegetation”.  Well, that sounds perfect, in regard to next month’s Destination.  That’ll be the French Riviera, won’t it.

 We’re pretty sure we were at Suncoast through a clerical error, having looked out our window at Palms, last month, and been faced with Gold Coast, right across the road.  Suncoast is several miles from The Strip, up Summerlin way.  Not to worry, it did give us a view we probably wouldn’t have usually got.  And, it gave us the chance to propose an EDM – an Extraordinary Destination Meeting.  With Lucky Dragon closing (at least for just now), and Suncoast being miles from The Strip, and some of the on-Strip Destinations not being particularly exciting, we decided we could do some swapping in and out of a couple of Destinations.  The EDM was arranged for 11am the next morning.  Attendees would be Husband Downie, and Wife Camper.

 There was possibly going to be a pair of married Special Guests, but a piss-up relating to Chicago meant this became impossible.  Then the piss-upper was going to be swapped for a pair of chitty-chitty bang-bangs, but that sadly didn’t happen either, because of scheduling situations.  Not to worry, there’ll be another time, surely.

 We went to SC Prime.  It was great.  Oof, a chocolate martini, and an espresso martini were delightful.  Wife Camper had a bone-in fillet mignon (ooh, fancy).  It was awarded a double-thumbs-up.  There was a nice view over towards The Strip.

 Afterwards, we caught the end of the Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics from PyeongChang.  Perhaps we should move 2econd Friday in July 2020 to the fourth Friday.  I guess this decision can be made, closer to the time.

 This month’s tune is a catch little number from Sophie Ellis-Bextor.  Oh, actually, it’s Spiller, but it features Ms Ellis-Bextor.  Hooray, it’s “Groovejet”.   

Opening Date: September 12th, 2000

Tune: “Groovejet” by Spiller feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor


Dress Code: Resort Casual