Zoe stayed here, in 2010, with her friend Gloria.  Gloria was helping her with condo-shopping.  Zoe said she’d got a fantastic room-rate.  Did Gloria suggest this was the sort of place people come to die, and no one notices.  Was it also here that Zoe had read a review mentioning a burger (just the burger, not the bun, or any of the “trimmings”) being found at the back of the wardrobe.

Things have certainly changed, since then.  The Plaza started a big renovation project, at the end of 2010.  In fact, I’ve just been reminded (by reading about it) that the furniture that was used in that renovation project was from the bankrupt Foutainebleau.

There were Special Guests, this month.  The Special Guests did not attend the activity.  Perhaps they should have.  The activity at The Plaza was bingo.  Husband Downie had decided the activity, while driving down Main Street.  He’d seen a great billboard poster for bingo at The Plaza.  Wow, it could’ve been an advert for The Cosmpolitan.  Look at those super-cool sunglasses (the preferred eye-wear for bingo, obvs).  Look at the age of those super-cool bingo-players.  Ooh, yeah, that’s where he wanted to be.    

It turned out to be a great decision.  Was it beginner’s luck?  Was it the Midori & Lemonade?  Whatever it was, Wife Camper and Husband Downie managed to scoop the main prize; a whopping $500.  And then they scooped the game straight after that (another $80 or so).  That game used the same card as the main game, which certainly adds potential for some great winning streaks.  Oh, and the game after that used the same card, too, I think. 

After the excitement of the bingo, the Special Guests arrived, and we went to Oscar’s.  Just a short walk down Freemont Street is Hugo’s Cellar, at the Four Queens.  That place is fantastic.  Will it be mentioned, again, in three blogs’ time.  Maybe.  Back at Oscar’s, it was agreed the crème brulee was delightful.  Hugo’s Cellar table-side salad is wonderful.

The Special Guests could not be named, as they were “living in sin”.  Surely Jim Morrison would’ve been fine with that.  The Plaza opened the very day after Jim’s death.  I wonder if the news would’ve made it to The Plaza.  Hold on, no, The Plaza opened the day before the death.  So, no, news of the death would defo not have made it to The Plaza, the day before it happened. 

Erik Christensen was guest Art Critiquer, and he gave a thumbs up to the building-sized pieces by Shepard Fairey, D*Face, and Faile.

Opening Date: 2nd of July, 1971

Tune: "L.A. Woman" by The Doors

Dress Code: Resort Casual