There was an international jet-setting Special Guest, this month.  Jane had flown in from England, as she’d heard such great things about the Flamingo Uncovered Tour.  Jane is a resident of Berkeley, England.  Alex Honnold was at Berkeley, University California.  He lives in Las Vegas.  Alex Camper suggested going to see the film, “Free Solo” (about Alex Honnold).  Alex Camper (Special Guest of January 2019) used to reside in Berkeley, England; he knows Jane, but, not yet, the other Alex.  Wow, where is this exciting paragraph, of seemingly connected people and places going?

Hmm, it wasn’t really going anywhere, so let’s introduce another Alex.  Alex Degmetich.  Alex used to be the tour guide of the Flamingo Uncovered Tour.  The Flamingo Uncovered Tour was one of our favourite things we’ve ever done in Las Vegas.  It was great.  We got to see in the Flamingo kitchens, and even got to sample some delicious Pound Cake.  We saw the door to the Liquor Gun room, but no one’s allowed in there.  We got to see inside two different theatres, and it was only us in there.  And, wait for this, we got to go up to the roof of The Flamingo.  Alex pointed out a very faded ‘H’ on the ground, which was the helipad, for flying in high-rollers.  He explained it doesn’t get much use, these days.  Alex was a fantastic tour guide.  He really knew The Flamingo, and he was funny, and friendly on top.  I wonder where he is, now.  I know he was in Scandanavia, a while ago.

 2econd Friday was able to catch up with Alex, and can confirm he is no longer in Scandanavia.  He is currently in another country beginning with 'S' - Sri Lanka.  Wow, he's certainly getting about.  When asked for one sentence, with at least one rhyming couplet, about where he's been, and where he's headed, here's what Alex said:

 "From the cruise ship, to the Vegas Strip, now a nomad on a world adventure." 

 Back to 2econd Friday at The Flamingo, Zoe and Jane went on the Flamingo Uncovered Tour, in the afternoon.

 Peter came along to The Flamingo, after work, and all three went to the Center Cut Steakhouse for dinner.  One of the discussion topics during dinner was Berkeley’s people and their practices.  That’s Berkeley, England, as opposed to Berkeley, University California.  The topic will no doubt be returned to, another time.

 In the morning, Peter went for a very pleasant run on The Strip.  Zoe and Jane left to embark on an exciting road trip.

 For this month’s tune, I did have something lined up from 1946, but hey, I’ve gone right ahead and changed it to something that’s not from 1946.

 Opening Date: 26th of December, 1946

 Tune: "The Age of Love" by The Age of Love, some long mix from youTube

 Dress Code: Resort Casual