Harrah’s followed The Cromwell because of what was surely the best Connection in quite some time.  In fact, let me just go and check to see when there was something anywhere near as decent.

I’ve had a look, and yes, it’s surely been over a year since a decent Connection was used.  In September 2018, Golden Nugget followed Encore because they were the two bookends of Steve Wynn’s casino career.  Hmm, I guess you could argue it really started at the Frontier, but that wasn’t on the Destinations List (obvs, since it’s not here, anymore), and it wasn’t until the Golden Nugget where he was the actual boss. 

Back to this month, and the clue came down to, after much rambling about The KLF, and other such nonsense, that this wasn’t about Bill Drummond.  It was about another Bill.  I wonder which Bill that could be.  Well, before The Cromwell changed its name to that, it was called Bill’s Gambling Hall.  And who was this Bill?  It was Bill Harrah.  Hooray, the boss of Harrah’s, so there you go. 

There were returning Special Guests, this month.  Well, for the first part of the evening, anyway.  Wendy and Steve came along to Ruth’s Chris.  The last time I was there, I think it was 2011.  It was just the Harrah’s steakhouse, at that point.  Oof, I was really impressed.  I thought this could perhaps be the place that could host The White Room conference, which at that point was a mere five years away (ie. 2016).  As it was, the Harrah’s steakhouse closed before 2016.  The White Room conference ended up being held The Platinum, and a very good time was had by all, including Paul Pashley, who created a fantastic The White Room conference table cloth.

After Ruth’s Chris, Wendy and Steve said their goodbyes.  When making arrangements for the evening, Wife Camper had said, “We’re going to be dining at Ruth’s Chris, and then we’re going to Tape Face.”  Wendy said, “We’ll join you for dinner.”

Erik had commented that he thought 2econd Friday would go to more shows.  Well, Erik, if you could see into the future, you’d be squealing with delight that, by December, 2econd Friday will have gone to shows three months in a row.  Wow, I wonder if this streak will continue into the new year.

Tape Face was the first of these three shows.  A couple of good photos came from the show.  Silence is golden, as one might say.

Wife Camper was not happy with the booze coming out of a liquor gun at the bars.

Wife Camper was very happy with the room, and even managed to see the volcano across the road at Mirage.

It was nice to be next door to The Venetian, where the previous day, we’d been on a fantastic Art & Architecture Tour.  We learned the secret of the golden breasts.  Please feel free to contact me, to find that thar secret.

If Jim Morrison hadn’t died a couple of years previously, perhaps he would’ve been at the opening of what would become Harrah’s, since it opened the day before his birthday.  Ah, hold on, no it didn’t; it opened the day before his death-day.  Let’s move on, to find a suitable track to choose from 1973.

And what to choose.  I’m going to have to go with Elton John.  Surely “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” could be rated as one of the best albums, ever.  I’m not going to go with the title track; I’m going to go with the album-opener, “Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding”.

Opening Date: July 2nd, 1973

Tune: “Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding” by Elton John

Dress Code: Fashion Forward