Zoe returned, with another pretty lame Connection.  She said Bellagio follows MGM Grand because it’s another MGM Resorts International property.  Hmm, poor show.  A good Connection would be one that gives only one answer.  Zoe certainly has a bit of work to do with these Connections.

We met at Lily, a pretty swanky bar in the middle of the casino.  Zoe had checked in, already.  At check-in, she’d showed the checker-inner a quiz she’d prepared for 2econd Friday.  Oof, the checker-inner was most impressed.  As were the waitresses at Lily.  As was Husband Downie.  As was Mariano, the fantastic server at the buffet, where we went for our dins.

Mariano was a highlight of this month’s 2econd Friday.  He’d been in Las Vegas for years and years, and had endless fascinating stories.  The buffet was less of a highlight.  Zoe had been expecting big things from a buffet from Bellagio.  But, ooh, no.  There was a funny smell round where our table was.  There was a pretty low-grade selection of food.

After dinner, we went to play some slots; mainly Easy Money.  We did not receive any easy money.  The lady next to us did.

Our room was really nice.  It had a great view out to the fountains.  It had lots of blue in the décor.

All in all, we had a delightful time at Bellagio.  Zoe’s Connection was poor, but the quiz made up for it. 

Opening Date: October 15th, 1998

Tune: “My Star” by Ian Brown

Dress Code: Resort Casual