I start typing this with uncertainty.  I’m uncertain on any possible tune selections, for something released in 2018.  Drat, Hardfloor’s latest album was released in 2017.  Hmmm, hopefully some inspiration will rise from the mind, by the end of this typing.

 What I certainly am not uncertain about is a fantastic piece of customer service which I received at Park MGM. 

 It happened at about 4.15am on the Saturday morning.  I was racing in the Corporate Challenge 5k, later that morning, and I realised I’d forgotten to bring some salt with me (for its fantastic anti-cramp properties).  I popped down to the shop. 

 I didn’t expect them to have salt.  I had a nosey around.  I was asked if I was looking for something in particular.  I explained my situation.  The very nice young lady (Fassiga) suggested I could try through at the bar.  Aha, good thinking.  I went along, but the gent behind the bar explained that they had margarita salt, which was different.  Fair enough.  I walked back towards the lifts, passing the shop again.  Fassiga caught me as I went past, and asked if I’d managed to get some salt.  On hearing of my lack of success, she had a ponder, and told me to wait there, and she’d be back in a few minutes.  Wowser, in a few minutes, she returned, with salt, and good wishes for my race.  I thought this was fantastic.  She could so easily have just said right at the start that she was sorry, but the shop didn’t stock salt.  I would’ve been completely accepting of that.  But no, she went above and beyond, to get the customer what they were after.  Which is surely the biggest part of customer service.  Big thumbs up to Fassiga, she currently leads the challenge for the 2econd Friday Customer Service Award.  I returned the next morning, to show off my (age category) Gold from the 5k.

 Rewinding to the Friday night, and the lady who we’ll refer to as Gaga Bavette was able to guess with one guess, where Ian would choose (as winner of Year 1) to follow Park MGM.  Gaga had suggested last month, we should come back to Bavette’s Steak House, so we did, and the food, service, and surroundings were fantastic.

 Following on from last month’s very clever move up to Gold status on MLife, we’d decided to extend our stay to the Saturday night.  And book a cabana at the pool, for during the day on the Saturday.  We invited Ian and Wendy, and Tony Cream Pie over to the cabana, to help us fill it a bit.  A good time was had by all, including a 3’12” Plank from Ian, bettered only by a 4’ Plank from Peter.  And, by the end of the afternoon, Peter was able to stoll to the MLife desk, and get awarded his Platinum card.  Very clever.  The only level above Platinum is Noir, and that’s by invite only.  Hmmm, will MGM be a bit clever, and send that invite.  We shall see.  It’s nice to be nice.

 With Platinum card in hand, we went to Primrose, and “demanded” a table.  Oof, Primrose was really nice, too, including a fantastic cocktail called a Smoked Bijou, which came served in a glass case, filled with smoke.  Ace.

 I’m going to have to come back to the tune.  I’m watching the final of the snooker world championships, while I type this, so there you go.

 Opening Date: The Grand Opening is actually going to be in 2019

 Tune: TBC.  ...  2019 arrived, and concluded, and the tune chosen was: "Got To Keep On" by Chemical Brothers

 Bonus Tune, for Iain McGillivray, stopped on Paisley Road West, in the pouring rain, having fled the pizza: "Alive Alone" by Chemical Brothers

Dress Code: Resort Casual