This month finds 2econd Friday downtown, for the first time ever.  Originally, it was never going to be downtown.  Originally, all the destinations were going to be on and around The Strip (since it was The Strip which brought Zoe and Peter to Las Vegas in the first place).  However, on looking out the window at Palms (Part 10), and seeing Gold Coast across the road, it was realised a foul-up had taken place.  Suncoast had been booked for the following month.  Suncoast obviously wasn’t across the road from Palms.  We discovered Suncoast is actually in Summerlin.  Oops.  And so a 2econd Friday rule was changed.

 Back to this month, and there were actually two activities.  First up, there was a look at the actual Golden Nugget.  Oof, look at the size of that thing.  And secondly, we popped outside to see The Freemont Street Experience.  Here’s a nice article on the renovation of the screen, which won’t actually start until the future of when we were actually at Golden Nugget, but perhaps I’m typing this in the future, and the article’s actually now in the past.  Hmmm.

 We went to Mastro’s Ocean Club for dinner, but perhaps it was breakfast that was more eagerly anticipated.  Hooray, cake for breakfast.  It was our wedding anniversary, on the Saturday, so 2econd Friday was extended by a bonus night.  Some people may say, “Oh, come along, Downie, did you not even manage to surprise your wife and take her to some secret destination outwith the bounds of Las Vegas?”  Downie might say, “Hey, we live in the best city in the world, why do we need to go anywhere else for our anniversary?”  The jury will perhaps discuss that further, so let’s just move on to the tune of this month.

 Golden Nugget opened in 1946.  Oops, I couldn’t even name a musician who was around in 1946.  Let me have a look for something.  Well, it’s Geraldo & His Orchestra.  I wonder if this one will sometimes be skipped past, by someone listening to the 2econd Friday compilation album.  Deary me, I do apologise for my ignorance of musical history further back than 1965.  I can imagine Dr Alex Paterson knows “We’ll Gather Lilacs”.  In fact, maybe he even snuck it into a DJ set, at Shoom.

 Opening Date: 30th of August, 1946

Tune: “We’ll Gather Lilacs” by Geraldo & His Orchestra

Dress Code: Resort Casual