Here it was.

The final episode of Season 1, of 2econd Friday.

When 2econd Friday started, back in 2017, we thought there would be one season, of 48 parts, and dreamed that MGM Resorts International would invite us to stay at The Mansion at MGM Grand for the final part.

None of those things ended up coming true.

There’s going to be more than one season, season 1 ended up being 62 episodes (yip, we’ve been all swanky, and started calling them “episodes”), and MGM Resorts International have yet to invite us to stay at The Mansion.

Change to original plans and dreams is all okay, though, isn’t it.  And heck, sometimes unexpected change can bring exciting opportunity, can’t it.

Over the 62 episodes of Season 1, we’ve stayed at 60 different Las Vegas resorts.  I’m trying to find out if that’s a lot.  The two at the start of the pandemic were virtual, for those pondering the discrepancy.

When The English Hotel opened, the day before 303 Day, I thought what a perfect destination it would be, for the final episode of Season 1.

We were in room 305, the room next to room 303.  Does this mean the final Tune of the Month is to be from Hardfloor, the Gods of Acid House (acid house being the sub-genre of house music spawned from the use of the Roland TB-303)?

Hmm, I’m not sure.

Monica and Steve were Special Guests.  Steve even took this a step further, and surprised Monica with a sleep-over at the hotel. 

For our activity, we popped across the road, to the Neon Desert brewery.  Cripes, it was almost deserted neon.  And it wasn’t neon; it was LED, for those in the know.

We went to The Pepper Club for dinner.  This is the Todd English restaurant that is central to The English Hotel.  Todd English was in, that evening.  Sadly, he was too busy to shake the English hand of Zoe.

The food was utterly fantastic, though.  Steve, with his professional knowledge of food, was even thoroughly impressed.

Just like the Todd English restaurant at Virgin, this is another place we’ll certainly be coming back to.

Hopefully The English Hotel will still be there for us to come back to.

Oh, and let’s come back to the Tune.  I’ve decided to go for an English band, and it’s the final track from their in-my-opinion best album, Behaviour, so it seems fitting that I use it for the final episode of Season 1.  If you like crying, “Jealousy” by The Pet Shop Boys could be a nice one for you.

Over and out.

Opening Date: 2nd of March, 2022

Tune: “Jealousy” by The Pet Shop Boys

Dress Code: Fashion Forward