I thought I was going to have a nice pair of photos, of progress at Resorts World, from this August, and last August.  But I’ve just gone to look in the Encore (where 2econd Friday was in that month) folder, but can’t see the photo I was hoping to see.  Not to worry, let’s move on.  Actually, let me just add (at a later date), that if you look at the photos on the blog entry from The Venetian, you'll see a good photo of where Resorts World progress was, then.  And, let just add (at a slightly later date), the blog for Encore from August 2018 now does indeed have a photo of Resorts World progress from then.

Oh, actually, before we get to California, we popped to the Circa sportsbook, at Golden Gate.  Golden Gate was the destination of last month’s 2econd Friday, and the activity was, try to make as much money at the Circa sportsbook.  Husband Downie had nothing to collect.  Wife Camper, on the other hand, had plenty to collect.  Derek Stevens had said that the staff at Circa would be helpful, and friendly.  Thumbs up, Derek, we can confirm that Sara was both of those things.  It was her who took our bets, last month (including giving Zoe some great help), and it was her who paid out Wife Camper’s winnings.

It was a delight to bump into Richard Hooker, on the casino floor.  He mentioned he was going to be staying at Hotel Apache, next month.  Hooray, this has been added to the Destinations List.  And, after much discussion, Four Seasons at Mandalay Bay has been removed.  Wow, this is quite a move.  And, if Resorts World, Sahara, and Circa open as scheduled, there will be other big decsisions like this to make.

Right then, the California.  We had a lovely time.  The website mentions “a variety of shopping choices, with a number of specialty shops located right on site.”  This month’s activity was to peruse these specialty shops.  Hmm, I’m going to end this paragraph, here.

After the shopping, we went to the Redwood restaurant.  Wife Camper had dined here in 2011, when she was in the midst of some big property deal (that surely sounds pretty exciting, so I’ll leave it as that).  Wife Camper was keen to go back, and she was not disappointed.  Ooh, aye, it was affae fine.

In the morning, Husband Downie had a delightful 2econd Saturday run along Freemont Street, then down the Boulevard as far as New York, New York, and back again.  There was a fellow runner sporting a parkrun 50 t-shirt; nice.

For this month’s tune, there were plenty of possibilities.  There were certainly some biggies from 1975.  In the end, I went for a David Bowie classic.

Opening Date: 1975

Tune: “Fame” by David Bowie

Dress Code: Resort Casual