Following hot on the heels of Episode 54 of Season 1, here’s Episode 55 of Season 1.  It was a double-whammy weekend, on 2econd Friday.  We decided to do two parts downtown; Fremont, and here’s The D.

And, hey, how about this for the tune connected to the previous part.  It’s another Danny Rampling remix.  This time of Love Corporation’s “Palatial”.

Peter had a delightful run on Saturday morning (still at Fremont).  Hooray, 10 miles was the furthest he’s run all year. 

We met up with Richard Hooker (friend of 2econd Friday), later in the morning, and joined him on a great walking tour.  Richard suggested the era of the themed mega-resort was over.  Resorts World had opened in June (2021), but Richard suggested that resort is more about big-brand hotels (Hilton, in this case, with there being Hilton, Conrad, and Crockfords hotels within Resorts World).  He explained that Wynn, and Encore may not have been themed in the same way as resorts from the Sim City architecture period of the 90’s (eg. Paris, Venetian, etc), but they are still themed specifically to that resort in Las Vegas. 

Ooof, interesting stuff.  Let’s see what happens at Fountainebleau, in relation to Richard’s ponderings.

Ooh, wow, after this part, there are just five parts remaining of Season 1.  I’m going to have to get along to Four Seasons, at Mandalay Bay, to see if Austin’s around, to let him know that Four Seasons are going to have to beat five others, in Season 2, before they can be considered the best Customer Service provider in the whole of 2econd Friday.

In the evening, we went to dinner at Hugo’s Cellar (hence the Business Casual Dress Code)  We’d tried to book at Andiamo (at The D), but there were no tables available.  We weren’t actually that upset; we’d been to Andiamo, before, and hmm, the customer service was not the most friendliest.  Unlike at Hugo’s Cellar.  Would Hugo’s Cellar be considered the best Stake House provider in the whole of 2econd Friday?

Opening Date: September, 2012

Tune: “Palatial (Danny Rampling remix)” by Love Corporation

Dress Code: Business Casual