Las Vegas Nevada is one of the most extraordinary cities in the world. It is designed for having fun, has an incredible array of different types of entertainment, internationally renowned chefs and restaurants, and is just a great place to relax and enjoy being alive. 

It is, to us, also a bit of a hidden gem in terms of lifestyle and year-round living, there's only a few months when it's hotter than the inside of a pizza oven, and the rest of the year is truly glorious.

Las Vegas is also in a brilliant location for visiting Los Angeles, The Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, the list is endless. It also has a fabulous international airport with direct flights to, for example, London and New York. Nearer to home is Lake Mead and the beautiful mountain ranges that surround the city, imagine a ski resort within 50 miles of Vegas? Well it's there, on Mount Charleston.

It's got everything and we absolutely love it.