Before starting this ramble, let me add in a dictionary definition, and minor correction.

Definition of teething troubles/problems


small problems that happen when a business, project, system, etc., is first started or used

There were some teething troubles when we began our business.

Correction of Edward’s work location:  Edward, the fantastic concierge, works at Vdara, not Aria (as I incorrectly mentioned in this month’s video).

Excitement is mounting, big stylee, in the 2econd Friday offices.  Our 50-Part love-letter to Las Vegas now has only five of those 50 parts remaining.  Part 50 will take place in December.  But at recent 2econd Friday Roadmap Sync-Ups, it was decided that 2022 will be Awards Season of 2econd Friday.  We’ll return to 11 resorts, to award various awards, such as Best Buffet, Best Show, Best Customer Service, and beyond.  Then, in December 2022, we’re going to hold some sort of grand finale, perhaps crowning a 2econd Friday Grand Champion.

Bill Hornbuckle (CEO of MGM Resorts International), if you happen to be reading this, please feel free to get in touch, to invite 2econd Friday to stay at The Manion at MGM Grand, for that grand finale.  This would certainly put you in the running for the 2econd Friday award of Best CEO.

Talking of Best CEO, we were at The Plaza, last weekend.  When I was booking the room, I responded to the question about “Special Requests” with the surely-hilarious, “Zoe (my wife) and I are very much looking forward to staying at your hotel for not one, but two exciting 50th anniversaries.  On the Friday, there’s the 50th anniversary of The Plaza, and then on the Saturday, there’s the 50th anniversary of the death of Jim Morrison.  Does the room come with a bath?” 

The room did come with a bath, and the recreation of Jim Morrison’s death went well, although, admittedly, without the heroin, or death.  The lack of the death part was a big bonus, as it meant we were able to say hello to Jonathan Jossel (CEO of the Plaza), that evening, which brought it to two evenings in a row we did that.  Thanks Jonathan, for being so approachable, and for putting yourself in the running for the 2econd Friday award of Best CEO.

Cripes, I’ve rambled on and on, and have yet to mention this month’s destination.  We were really excited to be staying at Resorts World, and to be precise, Crockfords at Resorts World.  Resorts World is the first new resort on The Strip, since Cosmopolitan opened in 2010.  It also makes it three resorts to open in Las Vegas since October (when Circa opened, followed by Virgin, in March).

Of the 45 2econd Fridays we’ve done so far, this one was certainly one of our favourites.

The activity was a guided tour of the resort.  Brendan, from Crockfords Concierge, was our guide.  Brendan was fantastic, and the tour he took us on was fantastic.  We saw some of the fantastic artworks at the resort.  Wow, this place has loads, and loads of fantastic art.  We went to Starlight on 66, a lounge with some, yip, darned good views.  We got a nosey round a couple of guest rooms (which didn’t have guests in them at that point).  Perhaps best of all on the tour, we got taken “back of house”.  To get to go places in a casino where you’d not normally get to go was a big, big thrill.  And, cripes, back to art, there was even some great art being done in the employee areas.

After the tour, a celebratory-tumbler of champagne was enjoyed.  The champagne was chosen with the help of Joe, from Wally’s (at Resorts World).  Joe was great; hugely knowledgeable, and funny at the same time.  Fans of English grammar will surely get the answer to the compound adjective situation of “celebratory-tumbler” in this month’s video.

And regarding the video, big thanks go to Nichole, this month’s Special Guest.  On the topic of teething problems when resorts open, she was able to recount a couple of noteworthy examples.  Cripes, rest assured, nothing like the stuff that Nichole describes was going on at Resorts World. 

With all the amazing art at Resorts World, Nichole (with her fantastic art knowledge, and appreciation) proved to be the perfect “compagnon d’art” for Zoe.  Thanks, Nichole.

We went to Genting Palace for dinner.  Thanks go to our waitress who suggested to Zoe she may have ordered slightly too much.  The order was slightly reduced, and the food was delightful.

Meeeiow.  Did a cat get loose, in the 2econd Friday offices?  Nope, that was the sound I made, to gain us entry to the secret speakeasy at Resorts World.  Can you guess from the photos, where it is?

I’ve decided to “rip up the rulebook”, regarding the monthly tune.  Previously, I would choose a tune which had been released in the same year as the resort had opened.  Heck, I’m just going to choose what I like, for these final six parts.  This month, I’m going to choose “Forever And A Day”, by Ian Brown.  It was playing in the car, on the way home from Resorts World.  It’s from an album that Zoe and I listened to a lot, in the early days of our courtship.  Said courtship wasn’t without its teething problems, but now, my love for this person just grows and grows, year after year.  Thanks, Zoe, for being you.  Ah, that’s nice, isn’t it; a little bit of romantic stuff, at the end of a 2econd Friday blog.    

Opening Date: June 24th, 2021

Tune: “Forever And A Day” by Ian Brown

Dress Code: Fashion Forward