The pandemic continues, and continues to have an impact on 2econd Friday.  We were booked to stay at Nomad, but their re-opening date was pushed back, so we had to book somewhere else.  We brought back Signature at MGM Grand to our list of possible (having previously removed it, when we extended the list to beyond The Strip), as it seemed like a place which could hopefully help us avoid the virus.  “Hey, eedgits, if you want to avoid the virus, why don’t you just stay at home?”  “Because, we’re pretending that we’re contractually obliged to continue 2econd Friday.” 

The activity was something we’d never done, before.  We went to Top Golf.  And we invited some of the best golfers in the valley to join us.  There was Ian and Wendy Arrowsmith, and Tony deFilippis.  We had a great time.

I’m watching today’s Stage of the Tour de France, as I type this, and I’m struggling to find a tune I like from 2006, oops, soz.  I’ve just been reminded that 2006 was the last time Florian Schneider played with Kraftwerk.  Florian died, earlier this year.  And Kraftwerk have a fantastic song called, “Tour de France”.  So with this pretty lame connection to 2006, this month’s song is “Tour de France” by Kraftwerk.  And just for good measure, let’s go for the Francois Kevorkian mix.

Opening Date: May 12th, 2006

Tune: "Tour de France" by Krafwerk

Dress Code: Resort Casual