2econd Friday returned to a hotel situation, after spending two months at home, hiding from the virus.  We were a bit nervous about returning to said hotel situation, it must be said.  Well, it doesn’t have to be said, but I’ll say it.  We parked the car, got the lift up to the casino level, and boom, there they were.  Hordes of people without face-masks.  We found it somewhat overwhelming.  All the staff were in masks, but only a small percentage of customers.  Cripes, let’s hide.

We checked in, and went to hide in the room.

Two Special Guests came and hid in the room with us.  Hooray, it was Friends of 2econd Friday, Ian and Wendy.  Ian had brought ingredients to make a fancy cocktail, with his ‘n’ her umbrellas.

We got lucky, and caught some testing going on, on what is surely going to be the biggest video screen in Las Vegas.

We got lucky, when we did venture out, briefly, making good profit on Fu Dao Le Hidden Riches.

We came back, and dined in our hiding area.

Should we have left our stay at The Cosmopolitan for six months?  December will be 10 years since the opening in 2010.  I wonder what delights are lined up to mark the 10th anniversary for what is perhaps the coolest hotel in Las Vegas (and was, in fact, selected as the world’s best hotel, in 2013, by some awarding group).  Well, if they were really, really cool, perhaps they’d book the gods of acid house to play, for their 10th birthday party.  Hardfloor released their fantastic album, “Two Guys Three Boxes” just a couple of weeks before The Cosmopolitan opened.  It was surely meant to be.

This month’s track choice is the title track from that album.  And, hey, let me just stick on a bonus Hardfloor tune to go alongside it.

Opening Date: December 15th, 2010

Tune: “Two Guys Three Boxes” by Hardfloor

Bonus 10th Anniversary Tune: “In Acid We Trust” by Hardfloor

Dress Code: Resort Casual