This month, there was a Very Special Guest, Michael Stacey.  I met Michael after moving to Las Vegas.  We bonded over music from the 1990’s. 

 I grew up (sort of), in that decade.  My musical universe revolves around 1991.  Did I mention, The KLF were the biggest-selling singles band of 1991?  Mu mu.  They would’ve been Christmas No. 1 in the UK, that year, had it not been for Freddie Mercury dying, and Queen re-releasing Bohemian Rhapsody.  If Freddie could’ve remained with us, until after Christmas, Tammy Wynette (who sang on “Justified & Ancient (the song that would’ve been Christmas No. 1)) would’ve been rejoicing on Christmas Day, having scooped her first No. 1 in the UK since her 1968 smash, “Stand by Your Man”.

 Michael likes The KLF.  In the 1990’s he was working on websites for music festivals.  Michael has a great knowledge of music from the 1990’s.  In fact, he’s got darned good knowledge of music from a lot of decades. 

 Michael’s last day at work was Friday (17th of April, 2020).  I’ll miss him in the office.  Michael taught me how to use the coffee-making device.  This meant I could make coffee when I arrived in the office, which then meant coffee was ready for Michael when he arrived in the office.  Let me confirm, I asked Michael to teach me; he did not “demand” I gained the required skills to ensure his coffee was ready for him.

 If there was a league table at work of the artist you’d most-likely go to for guidance, or opinion, on some game art, would Michael be at the top?  Quite possibly.  Ach, for the sake of this writing, I’ll just say, “Yes, he defo would be.”  There will be a new artist at the top of that league table.  I wonder who it’ll be.  Of course there isn’t an actual league table, but hey, we’re humans, and are very good at comparing. 

 On that evening, back in June of 2018, Michael took Wife Camper, and Husband Downie on a fantastic guided walk round the art of City Center.  We were enthralled by Michael’s fantastic knowledge, and insight.  I know very little about art.  I really like the Frank Stella piece behind the reception desk at Vdara.  I like the bright colours.  Oops, see what I mean.  Michael was able to add so much more, explaining how the piece was so evocative of the time (the late 60’s).  Zoe knows lots about art.  Coincidently, Jin and her both went to the same art college.  Of the tour, with her superior knowledge, Zoe said, “It was absolutely fu**in* magic.”  Well, there you have it.     

 After the tour, we went to the buffet at Aria.  We’d never been to the buffet at Aria.  We were very impressed.  Wow, it’s go an Indian section, with some great curries.  This is maybe the first Las Vegas buffet we’ve seen an Indian section at; nice.

 Thanks Michael, for the tour, and for just being a great guy.  See you soonish, I hope.  Shhh, I’ve added a bonus tune, to this month’s blog.  Oh, and the trusty art team at 2econd Friday (which Michael is not a member of) were tasked with keeping the identity of Michael a secret.  Just because.

 Opening Date: 16th of December, 2009

 Tune: “Always Remember Me” by Ian Brown

Bonus Tune: “Higher State of Consciousness” by Josh Wink

Dress Code: Resort Casual