In a pretty nifty move, Monte Carlo followed Suncoast.  The French Riviera could be classed as a sun coast, and the real Monte Carlo is on said French Riviera.  In 2007, Husband Downie, and Wife Camper spent a bit of their honeymoon on the French Riviera, in Antibes.  It was delightful. 

 One day, they decided they’d get the train along to Monte Carlo, to have a nosey, and visit the Casino de Monte-Carlo.  Reading the guide book, it suggested formal attire for the casino.  They arrived a bit before the casino opened, so went next door to Café de Paris Monte-Carlo for a quick panache (shandy).  The doors to the casino opened.  A bus load of tourists arrived.  Cripes, they surely hadn’t read the guide book; they were in shorts, and carried cameras.  The honeymooners scoofed down their drinks, and headed to the door.  Hooray, the doorman welcomed them with a nice “bonjour”; he was not bonjouring the people who had failed to read, or at least heed, the guide book.  Husband Downie almost won big at roulette.

 It was the last month that Monte Carlo could be stayed at.  From April, all available rooms would be Park MGM rooms.  Our room was on Floor 31 (32 is the top one, nice one, get sorted).  I’m guessing the last Monte Carlo rooms were on the few floors at the top that would then get converted into Nomad.  On the Thursday evening, Husband Downie went to see “Brilliant!” at the Neon Museum, with Chris Guerrero.  He had also cunningly extended the Monte Carlo stay forward by a night.  At the museum, he handed Wife Camper an envelope, with her room key in it.  Nice.  The extension also meant Husband Downie could get a delightful run to work, staring on The Strip.

The activity for this month was, hunt down some remnants of Monte Carlo.  The best one was undoubtedly found in the room – a Monte Carlo ice bucket.  Hooray, and after going down to the Front Desk to inquire about buying it, they very nicely said we could have it for nothing.

We went to Bavette’s.  It was really great.  Our server was intrigued by 2econd Friday.  She’ll go by the name of Gaga Bavette.  She suggested we should come back next month.  We said we would.

On the Saturday morning, Wife Camper suggested having breakfast in the room.  Husband Downie poo-pooed this idea.  Husband Downie went to the MLife desk.  He was very close to moving up to Gold.  He returned to the room, and suggested having breakfast in the room.  Breakfast was had.  Husband Downie returned to the MLife desk, and was awarded his Gold card.  Clever.

This month’s tune was technically first released in 1995, but it was in the charts in 1996, so that’ll be fine.  I was pondering between this one, or “Born Slippy” by Underworld.  I’ve gone for “Insomnia” by Faithless, though, as it was the board tune on the fantastic Mazooma puggy called High ‘n’ Mighty.   

Opening Date: June 21st, 1996

Tune: “Insomnia” by Faithless


Dress Code: Resort Casual