With an opening date of 1906, Golden Gate is by far the oldest destination 2econd Friday will be staying at.  In fact, it’s surely the oldest hotel in Las Vegas, by far.  Would the next-oldest be El Cortez, which opened a whopping 35 years later.  According to an article I read on the 10 oldest hotels of Las Vegas, yes it would be.

Golden Gate doesn’t actually have anywhere to eat, but at 2econd Friday, as the blurb says, “We sleep, eat, and enjoy some of the resort’s attractions”.  Hmm, that could surely be slightly snappier.  Anyway, it still left us without an on-site food establishment.  Not to worry, we were more than happy to return to Siegel’s 1941, at El Cortez.  Yeah, we really like it there.

For two recent months out of three (Parts 19 (El Cortez), and 21 (Paris)), Wife Camper had put together some truly fantastic activities.  This month’s activity didn’t rank nearly as highly as those, but it was still pretty fun.  The Circa sportsbook at Golden Gate at just recently opened, so Husband Downie came up with the activity where we both started with a chunky 20 bucks, and had to try to get as much return on our investment, at the sportsbook.

Husband Downie stood to win over $16k, in his four-part accumulator of incomprehension.  Wife Camper’s betting strategy was somewhat more reserved.  The results will be announced, next month.  Thumbs up to Derek Stevens.  There was an article about the Circa sportsbook opening, and Derek mentioned that the staff would be friendly, and helpful.  Sara, who helped Wife Camper with her selections was both those things in abundance.  This fact will probably need to be re-iterated, next month. 

Do you know any songs from 1906?  Phew, thankfully there’s a way to find some out.  Thank-you, Bert Williams.  I wonder, if Bert was “hanging-out” 100 years later, he would’ve met Nigel Champion and Mark Franklin (N-Joi).  Maybe Nigel and Mark would’ve introduced Bert to their old Atari ST (the computer which preceded the Mac, or PC, as the King of the Recording Studio (or bedroom, even).  I’m afraid I couldn’t just leave this month’s tune as something from 1906, so I wondered if I could happen upon something I liked from 2006 (a sweet 100 years later).  And I found “Anthem” had been released.  I must confess, I don’t think the any of the updates beat the 1990 original, so hey, I’ll include that, too.  And, just to round things off nicely, I’ve included “Pacific” by 808 State, and specifically their performance on Top of the Pops where their Atari ST is on stage with them, centre of attention.  Ooh, wow, from thinking that the 2econd Friday Compilation Collective was taking a negative hit because of this month (oops, soz, Bert), it suddenly feels as if things have been raised back up again.

Hold on, I’ve just added another couple of mixes of “Anthem”.  Flippin’ ‘eck, it’s an “Anthem” frenzy, isn’t it.

Opening Date: 13th of January, 1906

Tune: "Nobody" by Bert Williams

100-Years-Later Tune: “Anthem 2006” by N-Joi

The Original: “Anthem” by N-Joi

From 1996: “The New Anthem” by N-Joi

Have another: “Anthem” by N-Joi

And another: “Anthem” by N-Joi

Atari ST as the star: “Pacific” by 808 State

Dress Code: Resort Casual