After last month’s classic Connection, it was back to Zoe to choose the Destination.  Hmmm, can you guess what would follow Excalibur?  Well, Peter took a while.  In fact, he took so many guesses, he got the answer on what couldn’t technically be called a guess.  Because he was down to the last Destination on the list.  And what was the Connection? 


Zoe said, Bally’s follows Excalibur because, Bally’s is next down on the league table of Megabucks wins.  Well, it does stick to a good suggestion of Destination that says there should only be one possible answer with the Connection.  But who on earth could manage to guess this.  Here’s the source of Zoe’s data for her Connection:


As you can see, Excalibur is top of that league, with a $35M win.  To make Zoe’s connection even more obscure, you’ll see Bally’s isn’t actually second on the league.  No, at no. 2 there’s a win at the Desert Inn, but that got imploded to make way for Bellagio.  And then at no. 3 there’s Palace Station, which isn’t on our 2econd Friday List.  Zoe claims she thought it was a really obvious Connection, and was surprised people didn’t get it.  Hmmm, Zoe has quite a bit of work to do on these Connections, hasn’t she.


Anyway, off to Bally’s, it was.  And what activity would Zoe choose for us.  Hooray, a shot on Megabucks, to see if we could scoop El Gordo.  Before that, though, we went to BLT steakhouse.  We had a cocktail in the bar, beforehand, where Zoe also presented me with the choice of two envelopes.  Envelope ‘A’, and Envelope ‘B’.  How exciting; a pre-dinner psychological test.  ‘A’, or ‘B’.  I went for ‘B’.  Zoe wasn’t expecting that.  Both envelopes contained money for the playing of Megabucks, but envelope ‘B’ contained 80% of the total sum.  Oops, Zoe was banking on my going for envelope ‘A’.  Anyway, it was just a bit of fun, and we’d be playing Megabucks, together, so it didn’t really matter.


The cocktails were very nice, and the food at BLT was very nice indeed.  Zoe thought her main course was delightful.  She’s just going to go to the menu, now, to remind herself what it was.  Bear with…  Here we go, it was Port-Wine-Braised Short-Ribs.  And, Zoe has just stated, she wouldn’t go there, right now, but she’d gladly go back there, this evening, for dinner, to have it, again.  Well, there you go.  We won’t be (going there, this evening), but it’s good to know.


El Gordo was not scooped. 


In the morning, I was delighted to find something to continue the occasional series, Odd Item Found In Room.  Hahaha, Mr Toothbrush Legs seemed very happy, relaxing by our sink.  Have a look at the photos, for hopefully some titter-worthy-ness.


Zoe had booked a Jubilee Room, Strip View King, but got a free upgrade to a Jubilee Grand Suite.  Which was nice.


I’m not actually sure as to when Bally’s opened as Bally’s.  It was previously MGM Grand, which opened on December 5th, 1973.  I believe it was sold to Bally Manufacturing in 1986, so I’ll just put 1986 as the opening date.  And who had their first single, that year.  Hooray, “West End Girls” by the Pet Shop Boys.  I went to see the Pet Shop Boys, at The Chelsea in The Cosmopolitan, a couple of weeks after I moved to Las Vegas.  I thought they were fantastic.  I was particularly impressed with Chris’s use of a 303, or 303-like instrument in a song they played after a great mix of “Home And Dry”.  Oof, yeah, it’s was lasers at dawn for that one.  Have a look at the “West End Girls”, and note The Crystal Rooms arcade from Leicester Square.


Opening Date: 1986


Tune: “West End Girls” by The Pet Shop Boys


Dress Code: Resort Casual