A new calendar year of 2econd Friday might suggest new beginnings, and there are currently some new beginnings in the making, at Palms.  The Front Desk we went to was in a pokey wee room, down the side of somewhere.  I commented to Zoe that it wasn’t quite as grand as The Venetian Front Desk.  I later realized I was being a bit unfair to Palms, as they’re in the middle of a big renovation project.  Is it renovating, is it remodeling, or is it perhaps reimagining.  Hmm, it’s surely not the last one.

As with last month, there were two Special Guests.  For legal reasons, they cannot be named.  What can be confirmed is, they were both American citizens.  We met at the bar on the casino floor, next to the Sportsbook, then went up to the bar in NOVE Italiano (the restaurant where food would be consumed).  Oof, it’s up on the 51st floor, and with the Palms being a couple of blocks off The Strip, a fantastic view of said Strip is to be had.

A 2econd Friday quiz had been prepared, with the final couple of questions revealing to the Special Guests where the next two 2econd Friday destinations are.  They are surely really excited to have that knowledge, as it promises to be an exciting pair of 2econd Fridays.

Back to this month, and after a drink, we went to the restaurant.  During the meal, did the Special Guests reveal where Decatur Blvd in Las Vegas gets its name from.  Maybe.  …  Nope, I’ve just checked, and it seems to be named after a place in Illinois.

After the meal, we went back down to the casino floor.  There’s a bank of about eight Arc Double cabs along one wall.  It reminded me of a most enjoyable meeting I had with Dimi from Aspers Casino, over in London.  Dimi had explained they’d suggested to Novomatic that they could create some sort of decoration to cover the whole of the wall behind a bank of their games.  Ooh, yeah, I think it looks great.  Perhaps the slots boss of Palms might be interested in a similar idea.  Oh, and there’s the same sort of situation in a bit of the slots floor at Bellagio; again, perhaps the slots boss from there might be interested.

 I returned to the casino floor, in the morning.  I sat down on one of those Arc Double cabs.  A gent sat down about the same sort of time.  Cripes, he was a bit of a slapper; slapping at the [Play] button.  Ooh, no, there’s surely no need for that.  I moved away, and found a Fu Dao Le, far enough away so as not to hear the slapper and his button-slapping.  I played a Buffalo Gold, which was close to a Megabucks.  The suspense spins on Megabucks were certainly increasing the excitement for the gent playing.  I can confirm, he was not a slapper.

 For the first time in several months, Zoe and I got our breakfast at the 2econd Friday venue.  We went to A.Y.C.E, the buffet.  We thought it was great.  Zoe was slightly disappointed the ice-cream machine wasn’t working.

 This month’s tune choice was almost going to be Kylie Minogue, and her “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”, but Ian Brown has trumped her.  His album, “Music Of The Spheres” came out that year.  Oof, that’s probably one of my favourite albums of all time, and I’m struggling to decide which song to choose.  The obvious choice would be, “F.E.A.R”, but let me have a think.  … Think, think, think, and think has brought a decision of the finale from the album, “Shadow of a Saint”.  Ooh, yeah, feel free to shed a wee tear to that one.  And, I’ve just read that crying is good for you, and there are even Crying Clubs, in Japan.  Well, there you go.  As Cate Acupuncturist said her husband said, people should look after their mental health, the same as they should look after their dental health.

Opening Date: November 15th, 2001

Tune: “Shadow of a Saint” by Ian Brown


Dress Code: Fashion Forward