The first time Zoe and I came to Las Vegas, we stayed at The Venetian.  That was back in 2002.  It was wonderful to be back staying there.  We’d both forgotten just what a fantastic resort it is.  The painted ceilings, imitating the Sistene Chapel are amazing.  We wandered around, trying to imagine what we would’ve been thinking, when we arrived here back in that 2002.

But anyway, before the wandering, and the wondering, Zoe had checked in.  She’d gone over, early in the afternoon, as she had a voucher for the spa, which was a leaving present from her old job in London.  At check-in, Zoe explained 2econd Friday to the very nice lady who was checking her in.  Zoe showed her a quiz that she’d prepared for me to try.  The lady was most impressed.  In fact, she decided to give Zoe a free room upgrade.  Zoe walked away very happy indeed, if tinged with a very slight piece of sorrow, in that we wouldn’t be staying in the exactly the same type of room as we had done, before.

I met Zoe at The Dorsey cocktail bar.  Oh, cripes, Zoe had had her nails done.  They looked great.  Oh, cripes, Zoe had had her eyes done.  It looked as if she’d been punched.  Twice.  The cocktails were very nice.  I popped up to the room, to dump my bag.  On my return, we agreed Zoe’s sorrow about not getting the same room type was forgotten pretty quickly, on seeing the room she’d been upgraded to .  Ooh, la, la, it was lovely.  There was a table big enough to have high-powered business meetings at, surely.  There was a great view looking north up to Palazzo, Wynn, Encore, and Circus Circus, whose port cochere was discussed.  Husband Downie suggested a pair of binoculars would be handy for viewing such as this.

 We went for a gondola ride.  The gondolier was very nice, and sung a nice couple of songs, one in English, and another in Italian.  Then we went for our dinner, at Delmonico.  Before going, Zoe had been through the dessert menu, and had stated that she would happily order any of the items.  She can’t actually remember what she had, now.

 After dinner, we had a shot on Wonka Dream Factory.  We’d walked past it a few times over the period of the evening, and this was the first time there was an available seat at it.  We made a small profit, and headed to bed.  In the morning, Husband Downie went out for a run on Las Vegas Strip, yeeha.

Opening Date: May 3rd, 1999

Tune: “Hey Boy Hey Girl” by Chemical Brothers

Dress Code: Fashion Forward