This month’s 2econd Friday was lucky enough to land on the same date as Wendy’s birthday.  Hooray, this meant Wendy could be Special Guest.  And this meant we could discuss a couple of contenders in the upcoming 2econd Friday Season 1 Awards Season.  Accompanying Wendy was Husband Arrowsmith, who was also able to discuss.  He discussed contenders in the highly-prized award of Best Drinking Emporium.

I’ve just come off the phone to Jamie (McKay).  I asked him if he would be a panelist at a 2econd Friday Future of the Future discussion, in March.  This will be the final part of Season 1 of 2econd Friday.  This discussion will surely be an interesting one.  It is hoped that Neil (Findlay) will also be on it.  Nevada will be discussed.  The Lord Haig summit of 2014 is undoubtedly part of any such discussion.  Perhaps former President Nixon will be mentioned.  And Harvard?  And Sandoz?  Wow, this all seems very high-brow.

Brrrrr, back to Rio.  Cripes, the room (ooh, actually, suite) was affae cold.  It’s pretty rare that I type negative things in these blog entries of massive readership, but this is going to be one of those times.  There seemed to be a single warm-spot, just somewhere near the bath.  I wonder if the whole resort is suffering from malfunctioning air-conditioning.  Deary me, who am I, some moany mini, or something.  Ha, let me carry on.  I believe there’s still a mask ruling in place, in Nevada, where peeps have to wear a mask when in indoor public spaces.  Eh, Rio seems somewhat lax in their enforcement of that rule.  Bring back President Nixon, and he could start a war on something else.  One that would have a positive impact on public health, and not one that lets criminals profit, and possible tax dollars go into the pooches of said criminals.  Oops, tippy-tappy continues… was there some sort of fancy-dress party at Rio.  There were lots of people wearing cowboy hats.  Oh, and they seemed to be the worst offenders against the Nevada mask policy.

Oh, jeez, I’ve never typed anything like that in a 2econd Friday blog, ever.  Fear not, when I suggested there was a big readership of this blog, I know that’s defo not the case.

Back to the fragility of the human mind, and there’s a very slim chance that Simon Camper will be appearing at that March edition, to promote an upcoming musical entitled The Human Mind.  There’s a wonderful chorus line in that show, with great actions to accompany, which goes, “The human mind, is a powerful, yet fragile, thing.  Ooh wooh.”

This surely leads nicely onto the tune for this month, “Go To Sleep” by The KLF.  The first verse of that song has the lyrics:

I've lived a lot, and I've seen a lot
And now, and now I'm just letting go
I could point my fingers at the same old wrongs
The ones that we all know
But all you hear, is "Mummy please
Please mummy, look at me"
And from somewhere I hear

"Please mummy, look at me".  Yes, the human child craves the love of parents.  The love of parents helps bring security to the human child’s fragile eggshell mind.  And insecurity?  ‘Tis the bringer of most problems in our adult life. 

Wow, will this be discussed in March?  Maybe.

Opening Date: January 15th, 1990

Tune: "Go To Sleep" by The KLF

Dress Code: Birthday Boutique