2econd Friday was going to be somewhere else, this month, but Kim’s nice thinking about petrification made us change from that other destination, to Luxor.  And it seems almost as if it was destined to be somewhere that opened in 1993.

For anyone who’s a fan of electronic music from the 90’s, you may well have seen the recent news that Andrew Weatherall has gone to the great gig in the sky.  In 1993, The Sabres of Paradise (Weatherall’s band) released their album Sabresonic, and cripes, this month’s tune just surely had to be “Smokebelch II”.

Sorry, I’m going to continue on with Andrew Weatherall, with this paragraph, too (even though it has nothing to do with 2econd Friday at Luxor).  Ha, I just found out the Scat Mix of “Don’t Fight It, Feel It” by Primal Scream was by Mr Weatherall.  What a ripper.  Listen to that piano, once it arrives.  Primal Scream were on Creation Records.  They were just a rock ‘n’ roll band, going nowhere.  That was until Alan McGee (the boss of Creation Records) made a career-changing introduction.  Without this introduction, Primal Scream would’ve faded away into rock history.  Because of this introduction, Primal Scream created one of the best albums in the history of music – Screamadelica.  Another introduction, to Andrew Weatherall, played a pretty big part in Screamadelica, too.  Andrew Weatherall produced the album.

Yip, still going.  He did mountains of remix work.  Here, have a read of this list of someone’s 30 of his best remixes: https://www.factmag.com/2014/09/27/andrew-weatheralls-30-greatest-remixes/5/.

The Special Guest at this month’s 2econd Friday was a big fan of Andrew Weatherall, too.  Husband Downie’s big brother (William) was over in Las Vegas, to see if he could understand what this 2econd Friday nonsense is about.  Just like Richard Hooker, last month, William had no idea what it all meant.  He did, however, see the second Chrysler Building on The Strip.  Yeeha, that’s something plenty of locals will be scratching their chins at, and for that reason, I’m going to award myself a couple of Las Vegas Knowledge points.

Have you heard the song called “Screamadelica”?  It’s not on the album, but it’s produced by that man, yes, indeed.

I think I should probably just stop, as there’s surely nothing relevant going to come of this.

Opening Date: October 15th, 1993

Tune: “Smoke Belch II” by The Sabres of Paradise

Dress Code: Resort Casual