"Good Morning Mr. Downie, We are looking forward for your arrival. May we ask what type of vehicle should we be looking out for?"

That was the start of the email which has had a huge impact on 2econd Friday.

This email came from Skylofts at MGM Grand.  We’d booked a festive stay there, unconnected to our ongoing love letter to Las Vegas – 2econd Friday.

This month’s 2econd Friday was lucky enough to land on the same date as Wendy’s birthday.  Hooray, this meant Wendy could be Special Guest.  And this meant we could discuss a couple of contenders in the upcoming 2econd Friday Season 1 Awards Season.  Accompanying Wendy was Husband Arrowsmith, who was also able to discuss.  He discussed contenders in the highly-prized award of Best Drinking Emporium.

2econd Friday’s trip to Planet Hollywood had been a long-time coming.  A pandemic, and potential artistic obligations were the main reasons for delay.  However, the wait was certainly worth it.

Excitement is surely mounting.  March will bring the 50th different Las Vegas resort 2econd Fridays has stayed at, played at, and activitised at.  April will bring the start of Awards Season, for Season 1 of 2econd Friday.

Lunch was definitely at Yard House.  Matt saw a future where he could request a lettuce wrapping, instead of a bun.  Had #VegasLowRoller tagged along to the job interview, perhaps there would’ve been whooping at key-skill requirements being checked off against a resume.

Before starting this ramble, let me add in a dictionary definition, and minor correction.

Definition of teething troubles/problems


small problems that happen when a business, project, system, etc., is first started or used

There were some teething troubles when we began our business.

Correction of Edward’s work location:  Edward, the fantastic concierge, works at Vdara, not Aria (as I incorrectly mentioned in this month’s video).

Part 44 was due to be many months ago.  November, to be a bit more precise.  But we’re back, and we’re delighted to be so.  And we were really, really delighted to be joined by the Very Special Guest, JK Russ.