Lunch was definitely at Yard House.  Matt saw a future where he could request a lettuce wrapping, instead of a bun.  Had #VegasLowRoller tagged along to the job interview, perhaps there would’ve been whooping at key-skill requirements being checked off against a resume.

#VegasLowRoller, thank-you, for your thoroughly enjoyable videos; your enthusiasm, excitement, and something else beginning with an ‘e’ is a joy to watch.

Matt was let into the secret.  There was a mission, this 2econd Friday.  The mission involved sand.  There was an awful lot of sand, at the Mint 400.  And fear.  And loathing.  Today, there was maybe some fear, but certainly no loathing.

Was the sand Virgin?  Elia Beach Club?  Or was it maybe Venice Beach? 

Was dinner definitely going to happen?  Olives?  Was there time for Venice Beach?  It was a long time ago.  1969?  Jim Morrison probably can’t remember.  Could the Chicken Berger?  The Chicken Berger certainly hadn’t wet himself.  Jim Morrison had probably turned.  The Berger didn’t know the term, until he was introduced to it, over 50 years later.

Chicken Berger, thank-you, for maybe spending time with Jim Morrison, but definitely spending time gaining the knowledge to spread the knowledge of the Human Condition, and beyond.  Oh, boy, the Human Condition, what a fascinating fascination.  Why are you reminding me where you used to work?

Where did Richard Branson work?  He certainly worked, to bring us Mike Oldfield.  The Tubular Bells may have been at London 2012, but before then, they were round at Gordon Beverage’s.  An exorcism.  The first.  It was horrible. 

Jamie, thank-you, for being in the kitchen at Gordon Beverage’s, in 1994.  And, for co-hosting, the Lord Haig summit which will one day be applauded as the beginning of the future.  It was 2014.  Hey, Jamie, thank-you, just generally, for being a wonderful person.

1994.  The birth.  Was it June?  It was definitely lovely weather.  It was a Friday.  It was Glasgow, Scotland.  It began at Skinner’s.  It ended in the fetal position.  And what was in between?  A book from the library.  Three letters.  Walking.  Floating.  In space.  In a box.  Vomit.  Boom.  A spike.  An unrealized spike.

1999.  The Spice of Life.  Cambridge Circus, London.  The Spice is Right puggy.  Andy K meets the Artist Formerly Known as Scunner Jim.  Was he in a Boy Band?  Was Andy K in 2004?

2004.  Luke Street, London, Andy K was there.  Was there tick?  Apparently not.

And again in 2004, Rich was there.  And Tauren.  No proper knowledge of the Lord Haig summit was there.  It was entirely something else.

Do you remember hearing your favourite song, for the first time?  Or did it become your favourite song, over time?

Woah, hold on, dates, more dates, please.  

Surely something happened between 2004, and 2014?  Yes, lots of things, but there’s a knock at the door.  In Ilford, Essex.  Can you remember the train journey?  It wasn’t long, but occasionally it was accompanied by a low-level panic-attack.  Don’t worry, go to the bookies beforehand, to reduce the panic.

The situation was found after session 1.  It began at Skinner’s.  Who is this genius?  It’s not Jim Morrison.  And then.  An exorcism.  The second. 

How do you feel? 

As if an indescribable weight’s been lifted off thy shoulders. 

Walking home, is the best you’ve ever felt? 

The next morning, a bus to King’s Cross; past a spot, and realising.  It all becomes clear.  And then, walking along the canal, and a fellow human being; the connection like ecstasy.

And Olives?  It was wonderful. 

Carlos, thank-you for being such a nice guy.  Our paths will hopefully cross, again; either in Olives, or outside (of Olives).

P.S. The most important thing happened on Monday the 1st of October, 2001, in the Old Blue Last, in Shoreditch, London. 

Zoe, thank-you, for being you. 

The end (shhhh, thanks, Erik, for that bit).

Opening Date: March 25th, 2021

Tune: “Tubular Bells” by Mike Oldfield

Tune 2: “Let There Be Light” by Mike Oldfield (Hardfloor Remix)  

Dress Code: Fashion Forward