We are Peter Downie and Zoë Camper.  We are originally from the UK.  We lived in London for many years.  We first visited Las Vegas in 2002.  We love Las Vegas.  Now we live in Las Vegas, yeeeeha.  On moving here, we decided to carry on 'that holiday feeling', which we previously had when visiting.  So we invented 2econd Friday - 'an ongoing love letter to Las Vegas'.

Each month we stay at a different Las Vegas resort; we eat, we sleep, and have fun (which, since 2019, has included making some content for youTube of a quality which has been seen before).  We write up our experience, so we can share the love.  Peter's write-ups are sometimes a bit odd - sorry.

Some months, we have Special Guests.  On some rare months, we have Very Special Guests.

Dress Code could be Business Formal.  Or it might be Resort Casual.  Or something in between.

We started in 2017 at The Mirage and at sometime in 2022, we'll reach the end of Season 1.  We'll have stayed at 60 different Las Vegas resorts.  Wow, that sounds pretty impressive, surely.  Dear Mr Hornbuckle, if you think it's impressive, please do consider inviting us to stay at The Manion, at MGM Grand.