This month’s 2econd Friday was bookended by some nice police action.  On the Friday after work, I just had a quick walk/jog from the office, up to Mandarin Oriental.  It was a beautiful day.  I was in the middle of a bit of a jog, going north up Las Vegas Boulevard, just passing the bit at the airport where the Maverick helicopters park, when I heard, “Hey, stop running.” 

 I looked round to see a police car go past.  Ha, a fun-loving policeman decided to give me a bit of a shock, with his announcement over his “tannoy”.  I stopped running, the police car drove on, and I chuckled, and thought how much I love this place called Las Vegas.

 By the time I’d got to Mandarin Oriental, it was time for a bath.  Ooh, la, la, there was a thing of bath salts, with a spoon to “serve” them with.  It was a deep bath.  I looked for a clip to do with Alan’s deep bath, but I couldn’t find one.

 For only the second time in 2econd Friday history, the dress code was Business Formal.  I put on the suit, and went to meet Zoe in the Mandarin Bar.  Oof, what a great view north, and south along The Strip you get from there.  Erik had mentioned the view north as being his favourite view in Las Vegas.

 Zoe and I were awaiting the Guests of Honour.  Ian had become Year 1 Champion.  His prize included getting to choose the Destination of Month 14.  He was also invited to that month’s 2econd Friday, and he could invite someone of his choosing.  Ian chose Wendy, his wife.  That was a darned good choice, in all attendees’ minds of Mandarin.  Zoe and I waited a bit more, and then a little bit more, and then the Guests of Honour arrived.

 We went to Twist, where the Year 1 Champion award ceremony was due to take place.  Ian may have got a bit of a surprise when Anthony (our fantastic server) congratulated him on his victory.  Anthony may have got a bit or a surprise when Peter (our fantastic creator of nonsense) asked him to watch over the presentation of the Year 1 Champion plaque.  The plaque was created using locally-sourced Mandarin Oriental notepad paper, and included a pretty good hand-drawn thumbs-up.  We all got a bit of a surprise when a bonus dessert item was brought out, with “Congratulations” beautifully written in gold edible sweet stuff.   

 After the meal, which was utterly butterly stunning, we went back to Mandarin Bar for a post-meal drink, and then it was off to Bedfordshire.

 In the morning, we got our second bookend of nice police action.  There was police involved with traffic stuff, surrounding some sort of parade of fancy cars.  Oof, there was even one with batman livery.  Ace.

 Ooh, who released a great album in 2009.  Hopefully there are a few possible answers to that question, but one possibility is our friend Ian Brown.  Well, if there’s any other 2009 Destination any time soon, I wonder if the Tune will be taken from the same album.  We shall see.  This month’s selection that thumper called “Stellify”.  Nice one, Ian (for choosing Mandarin Oriental).  Nice one, Ian (for writing “Stellify”).  Nice one, Ian and Ian, for being divided between City and United.

Opening Date: 5th of December, 2009

Tune: “Stellify” by Ian Brown


Dress Code: Business Formal