Mandalay Bay is my favourite casino on Las Vegas Strip.  I love the spaciousness of the slot floor.  I love the smell of the casino.  I love the gold colour of the building.  I just love it all.  So I was very happy when Zoe’s choice of Bellagio gave me the opportunity to take us next to Mandalay Bay.  And what is the connection? 

A simple 2econd Friday classic connection: Mandalay Bay was the next resort to open on The Strip, after Bellagio.

Zoe was waiting in a bar that’s currently called Eyecandy.  It wasn’t called that in 2010.  I can’t remember what it was called, then.  I can remember that it was there, in 2010, I suggested to Zoe we buy a place in Las Vegas.  Zoe was slightly surprised by my suggestion, but after a few sips of thinking time, agreed it sounded like an exciting idea.  A couple of days later, a realtor came round for us (at Encore, where we were staying), and took us to look at a few places.  The realtor had a very interesting pronunciation of Anthem.

Back to Mandalay Bay, and I took Zoe’s bag, went to check-in, and popped up to the room to change, to comply with the Fashion Forward dress code.

The activity I’d arranged was Polar Journey.  The ticket was sold as a combo with Shark Reef.  I was very much looking forward to Polar Journey.  Oh, dear, it didn’t really live up to the excitement.  We were pretty pleased about the combo ticket situation, and went to Shark Reef.  There was a great tank of Jelly Fish.  And I love the Sword Fish (or is it Saw Fish).

After Shark Reef, we popped into 1923 Bourbon & Burlesque, a speakeasy-style bar.  It was very nice indeed.  We then had dinner at Libertine Social.  It was very nice indeed, too.  We went back to Eyecandy, where a DJ was playing music.  I was most impressed he had some KLF (3am Eternal), but he apologized he couldn’t play it, because he could only play stuff he had an accompanying video for.

Husband Downie made a small profit on slots.  Which is better than a loss.

In the morning, we went to the place that used to be called Raffles, but is now Sea Breeze Café.  I had some delicious French Toast.  Wife Camper had Eggs Benedict with Hash Browns.  Another occasional feature may have been born from this.  Camper Complains.  Camper complained the Hash Browns were cold.  The waitress brought out another portion of Hash Browns.  Camper then complained the egg was cold, too.  The waitress then brought out a full replacement.  Camper didn’t finish it all, but it was at a temperature that calmed the complaining.

Opening Date: March 2nd, 1999

Tune: “Sing It Back” by Moloko

Dress Code: Fashion Forward