Part 44 was due to be many months ago.  November, to be a bit more precise.  But we’re back, and we’re delighted to be so.  And we were really, really delighted to be joined by the Very Special Guest, JK Russ. 

There have been many Special Guests, on 2econd Friday, but we’re going to elevate JK to Very Special Guest.  And why might that be, the inquisitive reader may ponder.

JK is one of the featured artists at Barry’s Downtown Prime restaurant, at Circa.  As if it were almost a coincidence, that’s exactly where 2econd Friday dined, this month.

We had arranged to meet JK, at 5.30pm, below the “The time of your life” piece, in the Garage Mahal.  Drat, I forgot to log JK’s arrival time, but I’m pretty sure it was pretty much spot-on half past.

Hooray, JK agreed to appear in the vlog.  She would answer a couple of questions.  And who would ask those questions?  The Artist Formerly Known As Wife Camper.  “I’m Zoe, not Wife Camper.”  Oops.  No longer will she be known as Wife Camper.  Zoe, she will be.  Zoe Camper.

After the vlog was recorded, and names were sorted, we had a wonder round the casino, looking at some art, pondering lost opportunities, and puzzling lit, or not-so-well lit, situations.

Before dinner, there was a cocktail.  Husband Downie had a Cat Daddy; ordering it, based simply on the name.  Special Guest from Part 35, The Artist Formerly Known As Scunner Jim, would surely be pleased with that choice, what with Alis and his occasional partaking on a Friday evening of a cat-tail.  Luisa’s ears may be piqued (hmm, that’s surely not quite the right word, there), at the mention of cat-tail, as excitement continues to mount at the arrival of Sumo Kitty on a casino floor near you, later this year.  Let’s hope Sumo Kitty (and Lucha Kitty) are the Cat Daddy of the time.

At dinner, Chef Barry even came and said hello.  We had London Rose Gold Chocolate Cake for dessert.  It was delicious.  Is “London Rose” the rose you see around the resort (on your room key, and surely some other places)?  Hmmm, this will need to be investigated further.

And what else needs to be investigated?  This month’s tune.  Oh, cripes, Circa opened in 2020; I’m surely going to struggle.

Ha, well, that was easy.  I was just looking at some “top dance tunes 2020”, and out popped what could be the only winner, surely.  1991 is the centre of my musical universe; thank-you, Noizu, whoever you are.

Signing off, The Artist Formerly Known As Husband Downie.

Opening Date: October 28th, 2020

Tune: “Summer 91 (Looking Back)” by Noizu

Dress Code: Fashion Forward