Josephine (aka The Voice of Google from the 2econd Friday promotional video) returned as a Special Guest, but insisted that she dressed up as The Voice of Google.  We even hand-crafted a ‘G’ onto her face-mask, but when she put it on, the fanning out effect meant it merely looked like a face-mask that had been found in “the trash”, or something.

Rest assured, this was not the case.  And, no, she didn’t insist she dress up as The Voice of Google, either; that was merely another of Husband Downie’s nonsense ideas.  Josephine did a fantastic job standing in for Wife Camper in the role of tour guide.

Nick was also a Special Guest, but he had to leave early, for a business meeting.  It was really great to see them both.

As with last month, the activity was simply hiding from a pandemic.  We just stayed in the room.  But, hey, there was a wonderful view, and lovely company.  Oh, and in the room, there seemed to be some sort of area set aside for modelling, so Husband Downie, and Wife Camper both gave it a go.  And, hooray, another contender for Alan's Deep Bath.  Ha, and look what came as part of a Sanitized Kit (or whatever it was called); it's a "stylus" (as the description says) for touching things (as the description doesn't say).  I'm not entirely convinced of the ergonomics of it, but that's okay.  Imagine presenting this item at an MGM Resorts International meeting to do with room amenities, back in January.  "Hey, Chuck, what the heck is this you're presenting to me?"  "Promise me, Kurt, this is going to be the must-have amenity, this summer."  "Chuck, please leave.  And take your nonsense with you."  

Delano had previously been removed from the 2econd Friday Destinations List.  We put it back on, because with all this hiding from a pandemic, we thought it would be nice to stay in nice places.  Oh, and almost half the current list of Destinations are still closed because of the pandemic.  The Linq, Main Street Station, Planet Hollywood, Rio, and Tropicana all still closed.  Cripes, these are odd times.  I’m beginning to wonder if things will have changed much, by the time Part 50 comes around.  With this being Part 41, the final part is due to be in May 2021.  Will there be a vaccine, by then?  I’ve no idea.  Oh, but I do know where 2econd Friday will be in January.  Whoop, whoop, Circa’s hotel opens at the end of December. 

2014 was the year of release of Hardfloor’s wonderful album, “The Art of Acid”.  The title track is amazing, but I’m going to opt for “Rwndrb”; I love the dance between the sax and piano.  Enjoy.   

Opening Date: September 2nd, 2014

Tune: "Rwndrb" by Hardfloor

Dress Code: Resort Casual