I type this the day after Palazzo’s first decade of business.  Drat, if only I’d happened to be typing this, yesterday, I could really have made some laboured point about the fact.

Palazzo was the last 2econd Friday destination of 2017.  And, for the first time, there was a Special Guest.

In fact, there was not one, but two Special Guests.  As good chance would have it, both Special Guests were very excited about the activity that had been chosen.  As bad chance would have it, the activity was not able to be done.  Drat, the opening times of the Rolling Stone exhibition had been changed from 10am-10pm, to 10am-4pm.  Hmm, that was a shame.  Would Steven Baker have asked why he wasn’t told.  Perhaps.

To discuss our sorrow about not being able to go to the Rolling Stones exhibition, we went to Lavo, for a cocktail.  This was where a speech from someone mentioned a desire to dominate the market.  Cripes, dominator.  I thought of Human Resource.

After Lavo, we went for something to eat at Grand Lux Café Palazzo.

Zoe and I thought Palazzo was great.  It’s like a swanky new Venetian.  The sunken living area situation is great; they make me feel I should be drinking orange juice from a wine glass.  Posh.

I’m pretty sure neither of the Special Guests would care very much for my Tune selection for this month, as Rolling Stones it is not.  Not to worry, it’s not all bad; just a few days ago, Josephine formally confirmed that our Relationship Status had elevated from Neighbours, to Friends.  In the New Year, I will check for a similar confirmation from Butch, vis a vis going from Co-worker, to Friends.  Well, that’ll certainly be an exciting start to 2018 for 2econd Friday.

Opening Date: December 30th, 2007

Tune: “The Trill Acid Theme” by Hardfloor

Dress Code: Fashion Forward