Hooray, 2023 is 2econd Friday Awards Season.

First up, we have the award for Best Room with a View.

What a great award to open with.

Las Vegas, perhaps more than most cities, offers thousands of hotel rooms with truly stunning views.

Zoe and I love to simply sit at our hotel room’s window, and watch the Strip go by, below.  To help us with our spectating, we even bought pairs of binoculars.

2econd Friday has stayed at over 60 different Las Vegas resorts, and have certainly enjoyed some great views from rooms, but it was actually pretty easy to pick the winner.

If you’re looking for the Best Room with a View, we highly encourage you to book into the Wraparound Terrace Suite – Fountain View, at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

At Friday’s experience we were excited to have the company of Very Special Guest, Butch Lanning.

It seemed most fitting that Butch would be Very Special Guest – Episode 9, at Palazzo, in December 2017 saw Butch, along with Josephine, become 2econd Friday’s very first Special Guests.

You will probably recognize Butch’s work.  Walk around any casino floor and you will see stuff he’s worked on.  Butch, until his retirement in 2018, was an acclaimed artist at Bally’s Technologies (later Scientific Games, and now Light & Wonder).

There was a chocolate bed, and a chocolate shoe.  Sadly, we had failed to make the experience an appealing-enough proposal to The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas to send someone along to receive the award.  Hmmm, we have two months to improve, in time to award Best Drinks Experience.

Dress Code: Fashion Forward