2econd Friday began in April, 2017.  We formed a 2econd Friday league, where people would score points based on them guessing where the next resort would be, and trying to guess the reason.  Zoe and Peter would take it turn about in choosing the next resort.

The first resort was chosen by Peter.  It was The Mirage, and made perfect sense (in his mind), since The Mirage was the resort that marked the start of the 90’s construction boom, and, in his opinion, the most important period in Las Vegas history.  When the world imagines Las Vegas, he opined, it sees the megaresorts of that period – The Mirage, Excalibur, New York – New York, Stratosphere, Paris Las Vegas, MGM Grand, and beyond.  The second resort was chosen by Zoe.  It was Circus Circus, and made perfect sense (in her mind), since it was another film location in Leaving Las Vegas.  This was a terrible connection (in Peter’s mind).  The next resort was Excalibur, and made perfect sense (in Peter’s mind), because it was Bill Bennet’s next resort.

We maybe thought 2econd Friday would become some sort of thing.  A thing that people all over the world would be interested in.  Erik even named it “A 48-Part Performance Art Piece”.  Peter thought this was fantastic. 

For Episode 5, we stayed at MGM Grand.  From our room, we could see The Mansion.  By Part 48, surely the thing would be such a thing that MGM Resorts International would be inviting us to stay at The Mansion.

The 48-Part Performance Art Piece has extended, somewhat.  It was originally just going to be 48 resorts on The Strip.  But then we stayed at a resort in Summerlin by mistake, so decided to extend to Downtown, and Season 1 ended up being 62 episodes (two of them virtual, because of the shut-down for the start of the pandemic).  And we’ve decided, heck, we’ll just continue with our staycations called 2econd Friday.  Season 2 will be about customer service, and Season 3 will be about fine dining.  During Season 1, we’ve realised both those things are things we really enjoy (ooh, yeah, because we’re really fancy pancy). 

MGM Resorts International didn’t invite us to stay at The Mansion, and on Friday, we found ourselves at Four Queens.  We hosted a drinks reception in our suite, before going to Hugo’s Cellar to present the Best Steakhouse award.  And you know what?  We may enjoy great customer service, and food at fancy fine dining restaurants, but what’s the most important thing in all this?  People.  A drinks reception with the best customer service is nothing, if you don’t have some nice people.  And we certainly had some very nice people join us on Friday. 

Steve, the restaurant manager at Hugo’s Cellar seemed really pleased to receive the award for Best Steakhouse.  And we were really pleased to dining again at Hugo's Cellar.

4 Queens opened in 1966.  I wonder if John (the wine expert from Hugo's Cellar) is old enough to remember England winning the World Cup in 1966.  He was surely too young to have gone to see Pink Floyd playing in 1966.  Our Tune of the Month is Pink Floyd, with a fantastic live performance of their classic Syd Barrett-era "Interstellar Overdrive". 

In October, we’re going to stay at Nomad, in the hope of being able to present a special secret award.  I’m somewhat nervous about going to investigate the presenting of that award, but for no normal reason, or one that I should be typing here.

Tune of the Month: "Interstellar Overdrive" by Pink Floyd

Dress Code: Fashion Forward